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How Long Do Supplements Take to Show Results?

If you have recently started a new health regimen that includes supplements, you may be wondering: How long until you see results? Every supplement is unique and will show results after different time windows. However, some supplements are effective without producing physical signs that they are working. We will discuss in-depth how to judge your supplements’ efficacy.

Beginning Deficiencies

One of the factors in supplement efficiency is the starting state of your health. If you have severe deficiencies before you start taking supplements, you will likely begin to see results much faster. This is because your body desperately needs what you are supplementing. You may not even realize some of the deficiency symptoms you have been struggling with until you start supplementing. 


On the other hand, if you are in good general health starting out, you may not feel the effects of the supplements right away. Many supplements affect your internal bodily processes, leaving little to no physical signs that they are working. 


For example, if you take an immune supplement like one of our AHCC® products, the improvements affect your immune response. Therefore, one of the only signs of efficacy would be that you don’t struggle with as many health ailments as you used to.* The beginning state of your health when starting supplements is critical in the amount of time to start working. 

Nature of the Supplements

Depending on the type of supplements you take, you may not need physical signs that they are doing their job. Other supplements directly affect your daily physical symptoms, so you should expect to see improvements. An excellent example of this is Oligonol®, our circulatory health supplement.* 


Oligonol® supports healthy blood flow and circulation and an improved immune system function.* One of the symptoms of poor circulation is cold hands and feet. After starting Oligonol®, you will notice that these areas feel warmer.* Oligonol® helps relieve the physical symptoms of reduced circulation while supporting your immune system’s optimal cellular functions.* 


You will notice the physical improvements from improved circulatory health. However, the immune system benefits are less noticeable.* Oligonol® is still an effective supplement for both your circulatory and immune health, despite little physical feelings tied to improved immune function.* The nature of the supplements you take plays a role in how long they take to show efficacy. 

Lifestyle Improvements

While immune system supplements like AHCC® may not show direct signs of health improvement, you will likely notice that you suffer from fewer health ailments.* This is especially noticeable when threats to your health are prevalent, such as the holiday season. AHCC® gives your immune system a boost to help it fight off threats and maintain optimal immune cell quantities.* 


Dietary supplements are similar. When you supplement for a specific vitamin or mineral, you may not notice immediate physical improvement. Throughout your life, however, your health will begin to improve. 


You may suffer from fewer aches and pains, have better athletic performance, and show better bloodwork. Supplements can be very effective at improving your overall health and well-being.* 

Your Supplement Routine

Another factor in your supplements’ efficacy is when and how you take them. Some supplements should be taken with food to avoid nausea and digestive issues. Other supplements absorb best when taken on an empty stomach. If you are taking certain supplements at times where your body poorly absorbs them, it might take longer to notice health improvements. 


You should take certain supplements in the morning or at night exclusively. Your body’s metabolism and digestive absorption of certain supplements vary according to the time of day you take them. You should carefully follow the instructions on the supplement bottle to increase their effectiveness. 


Additionally, diet choices can impact supplement absorption and efficacy. Coffee can temporarily speed up your metabolism and digestion but usually causes a crash later on. If you take your supplements right before your morning coffee, they may absorb differently than if you take them hours later. 


It can be challenging to nail down the exact times you should take your supplements. The important thing is that you follow the supplement instructions and implement healthy lifestyle choices. These measures will help your body get the most out of your supplements. 

Improve Supplement Absorption

Some foods can aid in the digestion and absorption of supplements. You will benefit from supplementation more if you maintain a healthy digestive system. There are a few things you can do to improve the absorption of the supplements you take. 


Foods with lots of fiber will help your digestion, therefore decreasing the time it takes to absorb nutrients. Acidic foods can help your stomach acid maintain the proper pH level and break down supplements more efficiently. These two strategies can speed up your digestion and allow supplements to take effect more quickly. 


Eating whole foods and avoiding processed, refined sugars are crucial in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. The better the quality of the food you eat, the better your gut can digest and absorb essential nutrients. This will help you see results from some supplements sooner. 

Quality of Life Premium Supplements

At Quality of Life, we are dedicated to providing you with premium supplements that improve your health and wellness.* When you take our supplements, you can feel empowered to take your health journey into your own hands. 


Whether you seek our AHCC® products for an immune system boost or Oligonol® for circulatory health, you are supporting your body’s health needs.* Our supplements use research-based ingredients that have been shown to improve health outcomes in human clinical studies.* You can have peace of mind knowing that we offer well-absorbed, effective health supplements.* 


If you want to kick-start your supplement regimen with Quality of Life premium supplements, you can browse our website for all of your supplement needs. We want you to look, feel, and perform like a healthy superstar. 

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