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How Lychee Fruit Could be a Superfood?

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The lychee is a tropical fruit that belongs in the same family as the rambutan and longan. They’re known for their sweet and floral flavors and often added to fruit shakes, juices, and popularly in jellies. Despite their small and “cute” appearance, lychees are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants.

How to get more Lychee in your diet

1. As a snack for weight management

Lychees can help with weight management as not only are they low in calories (66 calories per 100 grams), but lychees are also filling especially how they are at least 80% water. Water can help make you feel full which can lead to less food consumption.

And if anything, lychees can help solve that sweet craving we sometimes get in-between snacks or while at work.

2. Saved for dessert

If you ever needed to eat something that can make your breath smell good or to just remove the fatty feel in your mouth after a savory meal, lychees can fill that role. They’re also sweet, so they can actually help sub for the usual ice creams and chocolates that can cause blood glucose fluctuations.

3. Through a straw

Lychees can be blended along with other fruits to make a really tasty thirst quencher. The flowery aroma and taste of lychee will surely add a unique experience to your usual blended fruit shakes or juices.

4. By spreading on a sandwich

Some people combine lychee pulp with other fruits that are added to jams. This should make for quite a tasty sandwich!

5. The classic salad

The lychee is one of those fruits that work well with the usual salad ingredients. The sweetness of lychee can help non-salad fans look forward to a bowlful of vegetables if this fruit is mixed in.

Supplement lychee with Oligonol

Lychees are tasty and healthy, but not a lot of people get the chance to eat them daily. Even those in the tropics, where most lychees are grown, can’t always eat them either. Then, there are people who just want the lychee for the health benefits, especially when it comes to weight management. This is where Oligonol can help.

Oligonol is a dietary supplement made from lychees, as well as green tea. What makes Oligonol special is how the antioxidants have been customized to have improved bioavailability or absorption. This means the supplement is much more potent in antioxidants than regular lychee consumption alone.

Oligonol has been cited to help with reducing belly fat, fatigue, and inflammatory response especially after exercise. If you want to try your hand at a quality product that contains this exact compound, look no further than our very own Oligonol.


Depending on where you grew up, lychees are either a common fruit you ate every now and then or a rarity in the supermarket. Regardless, experts agree that eating more of this fruit can give health benefits specially to weight management. In cases where you can’t find this fruit in your nearest supermarket or in any fruits section, you can take lychee-based supplements like Oligonol.

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