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How Spring Cleaning can Boost Mental Health

Winter has come and gone (good riddance!) and now is the time for spring once again. The annual season of flowers and mostly pleasant weather is here and you know what that means! Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning is basically what everyone calls when the snow melts and they start the process of clearing out the dirt trapped beneath the ice. A lot of stuff can get dirty during the winter and they would go unnoticed not because we don’t see them, but because we just don’t have that much time or motivation to clean them up.

On top of getting your house ready for the change of seasons, spring cleaning can help relieve stress. Here are some of the ways spring cleaning can improve health and keep stress at bay.

1.   De-cluttering our surroundings can help de-clutter the mind

It’s no secret that having too many things inside our head can definitely stress us out. Because of this, you can say your room (workplace, bedroom, living room, etc.) can also cause you stress if it looks too messy or cluttered.


When you spring clean, you are also throwing things away or removing some unwanted items from their current location and storing them somewhere else. When there are fewer things to be aware of, the more our brain can focus on what’s important instead of what is trivial.

2.   Reduces time wasted looking for missing items

One of the most stressful things ever is looking for something important amidst a mountain of mess. This can be the keys to your car or attic, a tool you need to fix something, a special brush, a piece of jewelry, and even your phone.


The less messy your place is, the less likely will you have trouble looking for a misplaced item. In the long term, this will help reduce your sources of stress.

3.   We don’t hesitate bringing people over

We all know what it’s like for our friends or family to want to come over, but we politely decline and make an excuse even though the real reason is our house is a mess. After all, a messy place is not exactly something to be proud of nor is it conducive to social gatherings.


Sure, there are people who thrive in mess or don’t mind the clutter, but most people prefer things to at the very least appear organized. So, when they do come over and see your place, they will not have to second guess whether a spot or stain they see is design or something else entirely.

4.   It’s actually good exercise

Cleaning your place can be a good way to exercise without exercising. The more items you clean and rearrange, the more calories you’ll burn. The best part is you also end up with a much cleaner house and a feeling of satisfaction after a hard day’s worth of vacuuming, washing, and wiping.

5.   Indirectly strengthens immunity

A dirty house is a haven for all sorts of harmful microorganisms, many of which can cause bad health issues. Cleaning your place can help with removing and cleaning anything that may be housing these microorganisms which in turn, can reduce the risk of acquiring possible negative health effects.


Spring Cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to destress and to boost your health. You get to declutter, wipe, disinfect, and rearrange your place in a way that soothes you. This also lets your body be at a lower risk of unseen causes of health problems, especially if they’re the type that could be easily wiped off or thrown out. A clean place is a healthy and stress-free place, so be sure to keep yours that way.

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