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How to Balance Work, Life, and Your Health

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Workplaces that support employees’ well-being tend to be more productive and successful. June is Professional Wellness Month, an important month that not enough employees know about. This is a time to focus on taking care of yourself as a whole person instead of just as an employee. 

You can’t perform your best at work if your mental and physical health are suffering. You deserve to care for yourself just as much as you care for your work. We have some tips for you to practice self-care and healthy habits during Professional Wellness Month and beyond. 

Support Your Immune Health

Work stress can put a strain on your immune system, making it easier for health threats to enter your body. You likely don’t have time to feel under the weather, so it’s important to support your immune health before threats strike. Below are some ways you can boost your immune health to stay happy and healthy at work and home. 

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To boost your body’s ability to fight against health threats, take AHCC® Kinoko Pro daily.* This supplement may increase the number of healthy immune cells in your system and help them function properly.* With AHCC® Kinoko Pro, you can stay well and feel your best for work.* 

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Your immune system thrives when you follow a healthy diet. Nutritious foods contain essential vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and full of energy. Vitamin C, zinc, and B vitamins all help your immune system perform at its best. Your overall health improves with a nutritious diet as well. 

Take Oligonol®

Our premium circulatory health and immune support supplement, Oligonol®, will help your body stay in top shape.* Oligonol® supports healthy inflammatory responses in your body to fight against health problems and tissue damage.* This supplement also promotes better circulation by relaxing your blood vessels.* 

An appropriate level of inflammatory responses in your body is essential for your immune system to stay healthy. Too many of these responses can damage your health, while too little can leave you vulnerable to health threats. With Oligonol®, you can boost your heart health and immune system for better overall health and well-being.* 

Reduce Stress

Finding healthy ways to manage stress is essential for your work-life balance. Stress negatively affects your body and mental health, especially when it builds up over time. 

Too much stress can impact your heart health, immune system, and mental clarity. Following are some healthy ways to reduce stress and practice self-care when life gets overwhelming. 


Physical activity is one of the best outlets for stress. After a good workout, your body produces endorphins — the feel-good chemicals that make you feel on top of the world. 

Endorphins can relieve feelings of stress and frustration. In addition, resistance exercises like weight training give your muscles a physical outlet for built-up stress. Sometimes a good sweat session is all you need to feel more relaxed. 


Meditation doesn’t have to take too much time out of your day to benefit your mental health. Studies have shown that even just five minutes of mindfulness a day can boost your mood and reduce stress. You can even practice mindfulness minutes at your office when you have time. 

Mindfulness meditation involves letting your thoughts roam freely. You don’t pass judgment on any of your thoughts; instead, you let them go once you think them. This practice goes back to ancient times and promotes mental clarity, focus, and happiness. 

Make Time for Activities You Enjoy

When you’re not working, it’s important to take part in fun hobbies and activities that make you happy. This is essential for achieving a good work-life balance. Whether you enjoy baking, sports, or crafting, make sure you leave time in your schedule for these fun activities. Your personal well-being is just as important as your professional life. 

Keep Your Mind Sharp

It’s easy to get lost in the never-ending list of tasks you have to complete at work and at home. Your brain might start to feel a little foggy, and you may notice reduced mental performance. To make the most out of both your professional and personal life, you should prioritize keeping your mind in good shape. 

Take Cogni-Q™

Your cognition affects your memory, mood, and attention span. With Cogni-Q™, our plant-based brain health supplement, you can keep your mind sharp and quick even when you’re under work stress.* 

Cogni-Q™ is made from Angelica root extract, a plant native to several Asian countries. This extract promotes the production of acetylcholine, a chemical in your brain that supports memory and thinking.* Cogni-Q™ may help prevent mild cognition problems related to older age and stress.* 

If you want to perform your best at work and in your personal life, take Cogni-Q™ for brain health.* 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your brain builds new neural pathways and connections while you sleep. This is important for storing memories and improving your mood. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, your cognitive performance will decline. You may have trouble remembering things, solving problems, and handling stress. You should aim for six to eight hours of sleep each night for optimal mental and physical health. 

Take Care of Yourself First

The most important thing to remember during Professional Wellness Month is that you are not a robot. No matter how much you love your job, you need time to take care of your personal life and health. 

With these tips, you can work toward a better work-life balance so you can be the best employee possible. You will also be a better friend, family member, and self-love advocate when you take time for yourself. 

With proper self-care and healthy habits, your personal and professional lives will thrive like never before. 

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