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How to Have A Good (Socially Distanced) Labor Day

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Our favorite national holiday, Labor Day, is nearly upon us! You have made it through a slightly bizarre spring and summer, and you can now open your arms to an equally surprising fall as the days edge towards Labor Day. A federal holiday since 1894, Labor Day was dreamed up by the labor movement in the latter part of the 19th century and is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Normally characterized by fireworks' cracking and the buzz of family gatherings, Labor Day 2020 looks slightly different this year. Nevertheless, even during these unprecedented times, it is still more than possible to have a fantastic, fun, and memorable Labor Day celebration. Just remember being different is not always bad!

Read below to discover several safe, fun, and socially distanced activities that you can do at home for Labor Day 2020.

1. Get wet and wild
Embrace the fleeting days of summer and turn on the sprinklers! Let out your inner child and run around in the garden with the kids under the spray of the sprinklers.
Disclaimer: QOL Labs is not responsible for any sniffles caught because of this irresponsibly fun activity.

2. From living room to movie theater
Movie theaters around the country may be closed right now. However, the movie theater at home is always open! Crack open a bag of popcorn, pig out on some candy, and set up cozy seating and lighting for the ultimate home movie experience. Just remember that no one appreciates talking, ringing mobiles, and loud eating at any movie theater. Although there is less judgment for it at home, please note that you may receive some annoyed glares from your family if you commit any of these cardinal cinema sins.

3. Get the grill going
Everyone likes a good barbecue. Even though you may not get the chance to enjoy it with a big crowd, you can still enjoy it with your home crowd. Start burning the coal and prepare some delicious burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and corn-on-the-cob for the ultimate Labor Day feast at home. Tip: a lot of gadgets and appliances are on sale around Labor Day. So, make your wallet happy and purchase a discounted grill for the best Labor Day cookout of all Labor Day cookouts!

4. Make some homemade ice-cream
On Labor Day, hardly anyone would pass up the delicious, refreshing, and heavenly treat that is ice cream. If munching on store-bought frosty delights doesn't seem to do the trick, make an afternoon of it and prepare some tasty homemade ice-cream with an ice-cream maker. Whether you want the traditional vanilla flavor or a mad Three Musketeers-inspired treat, you can have any sorbet or ice cream that you could ever want! The crazier the flavor, the better.

5. Root for your favorite baseball team!
What better way to celebrate an All-American holiday than rooting for your favorite team in an All-American sport? While the Major League teams may not have their characteristic Labor Day crowds cheering for them in the bleachers this year, you can still express your enthusiasm for your team by hosting a Zoom watch party with your friends or going wild in the living room with the family. Enthusiastically snack on hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks in between enthusiastically cheering for your team.

6. Set up camp in the backyard
Want to use your lushly green backyard for the last time before the gloomy and rainy fall? Set up camp! Sleep under the stars for a night by setting up tents, starting a bonfire, toasting s' mores, and telling stories with the family. Even while 'roughing it' in the Wild, Wild West of your backyard, you can still enjoy the very welcome comforts of home with a stocked kitchen and clean bathrooms. If sleeping under the stars is a bit too much for you, at least it's a short walk to your warm and comfortable bed.

Let us know your socially distanced Labor Day plans for this year in the comments below!

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