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How to Improve Your Immune Health This New Year


As the New Year approaches, you have probably been thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. Many people take this time to commit to new, healthier ways of life. Consider making your immune health a priority on your list of resolutions this New Year. 


Your immune system is crucial for keeping your entire body safe and healthy. Without good immune health, you are more likely to have immune complications. At Quality of Life, we have immune-boosting supplements with high body absorbability to give your immune system an extra line of defense.*

Protecting Your Health in the New Year

Making your resolution about your immune health is very wise, as your immune system protects every part of your body. Since seasonal health problems are rampant during the holidays, the New Year is an especially perfect time to improve your immune health. This is usually the time of year that people frequently experience and spread immune concerns. 


How do you strengthen your immune system? What specific resolutions should you make? The best New Year’s resolutions are realistic. In your busy everyday life, you may not get the chance to focus much on your own needs. You need to find an easy, uncomplicated solution to immune health. Our premium AHCC® supplements can help with this. 

AHCC® for Immune Health

Our high-quality immune defense supplements contain a key ingredient: AHCC®. AHCC® is a patented blend of mycelia, mushroom roots that contain medicinal properties.* This mushroom root blend has been shown to increase immune health in human clinical studies.*


We offer three immune defense supplements that contain AHCC®: AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum. Each type of AHCC® supplement has varying doses of AHCC® that can help your immune system function properly.*

AHCC® Kinoko Gold

Our AHCC® Kinoko Gold supplement contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This is an excellent starter blend for those who are new to AHCC® supplements. AHCC® Kinoko Gold contains beneficial immune-boosting properties from the roots of medicinal mushrooms.* You can kickstart your immune system’s defenses by taking AHCC® Kinoko Gold daily.*

AHCC® Kinoko Platinum

The Quality of Life AHCC® Kinoko Platinum supplement contains the same ingredients as AHCC® Kinoko Gold. The difference is in the dosage; AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. Many of our customers rave about the immune benefits of AHCC® Platinum. The higher AHCC® content of this supplement means that you get even more immune system benefits from taking it daily.*

The Benefits of AHCC®

AHCC® is derived from medicinal mushroom roots, so it is no wonder that it contains many valuable properties for boosting immune health.* From increasing immune cell production to moderating immune cell activity, AHCC® is the natural way to stimulate your immune system year-round.*

Promotes Optimal Immune Cell Activity

One of the benefits of AHCC® is its ability to manage cellular activity within your immune system.* Your immune system is a complex entity with hundreds of different types of cells that defend your health. Some cells are responsible for fighting against health threats, while others play a role in recognizing and communicating about potential threats. AHCC® moderates cellular activity to ensure that your immune system works at optimal levels. 


AHCC® promotes the optimal function of T-cells, macrophages, and NK cells. These are all critical aspects of your immune system that are crucial in recognizing and defending against potential health threats. With the optimal function of these types of cells, your immune system can communicate and protect itself more efficiently.*

Stimulates Production of Immune Cells

Your immune system relies on having an adequate number of specialized cells to do its job correctly. AHCC® stimulates the production of cytokines and dendritic cells, both of which are very important for your health.* If your immune system lacks specialized cells, AHCC® will help remedy this problem.*

Features Efficient and Easy Absorption

AHCC® has a relatively low molecular weight. This makes it pass through barriers more easily. That is why the body so quickly absorbs AHCC®; its physical properties allow it to travel quickly.* If you need a quick immune boost, AHCC® can be very effective.*

Complements Your Body (Natural Supplement)

AHCC® comes from the earth, specifically from mushroom roots. It is a natural substance that has been used throughout history for medicinal purposes. You can trust that your AHCC® supplements contain natural healthy ingredients that your body needs.*

Boost Your Immune System with AHCC®

Now that you know of the fantastic benefits of AHCC®, why not make your immune health a part of your New Year’s resolutions? AHCC® will help you maintain optimal immune system function to keep you healthy and energized throughout the year.* The benefits do not diminish over time, so AHCC® is a long-term resource for boosting your immune system health.*


At Quality of Life, we produce premium, high-quality supplements that enhance your lifestyle. AHCC® is the perfect immune health supplement with natural roots and evidence-based ingredients.* We are dedicated to improving your health while remaining transparent about the origin of our supplement ingredients.*


If you want to ring in good health this New Year, make AHCC® a part of your supplement regimen. Enhance your quality of life by improving your immune system function and keeping yourself healthy during the seasons of health ailments and immune-suppressing weather. 

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