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How to Pick Supplements That Actually Work

Supplements are available everywhere on the market, but choosing supplements that actually work is a different story. You can use our high-quality information to pick supplements that do what they are supposed to do. 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to pick supplements that actually work to improve your health
  • Find out the science and research behind effective supplements for your health
  • Quality of Life supplements deliver on our promises using clinically-supported dosages and ingredients

Purchase Quality of Life premium health supplements. They work the way we say they do!

Table of Contents

  • Do All Supplements Work?
  • Look for Research-Based Ingredients
  • Use Clinically Supported Doses
  • Read the Reviews
  • Find Out the Brand’s Values
  • Choose Quality of Life Health Supplements

Do All Supplements Work? 

You have probably seen hundreds of different health and wellness supplements on the market. You might wonder if they actually provide the health benefits that they claim to. 

The truth is that supplements are only as effective as their ingredients. If the ingredients are not well-absorbed by your body, the supplements will not work as they are intended to. 

Bioavailability is the measure of how easily a substance gets absorbed into your bloodstream and used by your body’s systems. Highly bioavailable supplements, like Quality of Life supplements, are very effective. 

In contrast, low bioavailability means that regardless of the dose, the supplement cannot provide its intended health benefits. This leads to ineffective supplements, and you may not realize that they are not working until months later. 

All supplements are not created equal. At Quality of Life, we have several quality control factors that ensure our supplements work as they should

Look for Research-Based Ingredients

At Quality of Life, our supplement ingredients go through an intense vetting process. We use ingredients supported by scientific research and clinical studies.

When choosing your health supplements, make sure the ingredients are actually effective. For example, if a supplement promises to improve your joint health but contains no joint-boosting ingredients, you should avoid it. 

This may seem obvious, but many mainstream supplements are marketed without giving customers the full picture. At Quality of Life, we are committed to integrity and honesty about our ingredients. 

That is why we only use research-backed ingredients. We don’t include anything in our supplements that doesn’t actively work to improve your health and well-being. 

Clinical research is important. Research allows scientists to test certain ingredients and see if they work better than the placebo effect. 

When high-quality research studies are done, the researchers compare the active ingredient to the effects of a “dud pill," like a sugar pill. This allows them to see if the ingredient in question works. 

If the ingredient produces favorable results for participants compared to the placebo pill, the ingredient is validated by research. We can trust that it has real health benefits. 

These are the types of ingredients we use at Quality of Life. Always look for research-based supplement ingredients to make sure they will actually work. 

Use Clinically Supported Doses

The doses of certain supplements are just as important as the ingredients. If a supplement has ineffective doses, the ingredients have no real benefits for your health. 

At Quality of Life, we use dosages supported by clinical research. We often include slightly higher safe doses of specific ingredients to make sure you get the full health benefits. 

We evaluate the bioavailability of our ingredients when choosing the dosages of our supplements. You can trust that you are taking the doses that provide maximum health benefits for you and your family. 

If a supplement does not disclose the dosage or has dosages that are lower than clinical research suggests, avoid that supplement. It is important to take a high enough dose each day so you can actually see results in your health and well-being. 

Read the Reviews

Other people who have taken the supplement you are considering are knowledgeable about how it works. They have likely left a review to either encourage or warn others about the supplement in question. 

At Quality of Life, we receive overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. This is because our supplements actually work

You can browse customer reviews at the bottom of our product pages. We are proud of our customer testimonials and will continue to include them on each product listing. 

Reading supplement reviews can tell you more about the product’s taste, appearance, results, quality, packaging, and efficiency. 

Some important questions to consider while reading reviews include:

  • Was the supplement packaging damaged upon arrival?
  • Are people saying the product works well?
  • How long did it take the supplement to start working?
  • How many reviews are positive or negative?
  • Are there any pictures included in the reviews?
  • Do multiple reviewers complain of the same issues?
  • Has the company responded to negative reviews?
  • How long has each reviewer been taking supplements in general?
  • What benefits could this supplement have for me?

Keep these things in mind while browsing through customer reviews. You never know what important information you might find. 

Find Out the Brand’s Values

Values are important to us at Quality of Life. We value honesty, transparency, education, and research-based health supplements. 

When choosing the best health supplements for yourself or your loved ones, it is important to read up on the brand’s morals and commitments to you as a customer. What do they prioritize?

For example, at Quality of Life, we prioritize ingredients and supplements backed by human clinical trials. These trials give you peace of mind as you purchase our health and wellness products. 

If the ingredients we use in our supplements have gone through human clinical trials, you can trust that other humans have benefited from them. This is our promise to you. 

Choose Quality of Life Health Supplements

Quality of Life is one of the leading supplement brands on the market. We promise to provide effective, safe supplements that actually work

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