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How to Stay-cation like a Pro!


This time of year, it is always nice to take a vacation! But more often than not, that isn't in the cards. Just because a lavish trip isn't in the cards doesn't mean you shouldn't take a break. Save money and take a staycation instead! 

What is your favorite part of traveling? The hotel? The food? The spa? Here are some tricks for flawlessly executing a staycation. 

Tip #1: Make your home feel like a hotel 

  • Upgrade your bed: purchase some luxurious bedding. Try crisp white linens with 300 thread count. Make your bed how they do in hotels, fold the top sheet six inches over your blanket. Then fold your duvet three-quarters of the way down for an inviting look.
  • Create a mini bar: stock up on gourmet mixed nuts, chips, Champaign, and chocolates. Think healthy but also decedent. 
  •  Put chocolate on your pillow! 
  •  Order "room service" - how often do we order takeout for breakfast? Think pancakes, waffles, or eggs and eat them in bed! 

Tip #2: Try some ethnic cuisine 

  • Although it would be nice to explore Italy or visit Japan, you can enjoy a little bit of their culture by visiting your local Italian or Japanese restaurant. 

Tip #3: Treat yourself! 

  • Buy yourself a souvenir. Treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t buy. 
  • Visit a spa. Spa days are an excellent choice for self-care. Get your hair and nails done and maybe even a massage!

Tip #4: Act like a tourist 

  • See a show, look for local bands or plays. Another option - head to your nearest cinema. 
  • Visit a museum or art gallery. 
  • Hit up a local wine bar! 

Tip # 5: Unplug 

  • Turn off your phone and put it away in a drawer. Turning off your phone might be challenging at first, but ultimately it will help you fully enjoy your time off. 
  • Don't check emails - work emails will still be there on Monday. 


We hope you can enjoy your staycation this winter! Share this blog with your family and friends - invite them to join in on your staycation too! 

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