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Keep Dad Happy and Healthy!

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Most of us focus on fighting the visible signs of aging. We worry about thinning hair, wrinkles and our physical appearance while forgetting that we should also be taking care of our brain. By regularly and purposefully exercising and stimulating the brain, you can enjoy better memory and cognitive function. As the saying goes, use it or lose it. With that in mind, we have put together a few fun activities that will allow you to spend some quality time with dad this Father’s day while also helping to encourage brain health.

Play Games

Why not reinstitute family game night? Look for games like Boggle, Scrabble and Scategories that require everyone to use their language skills while also introducing a little friendly competition. To really stretch those brain muscles and get the synapses firing, try strategic board games like 7 Wonders or Catan that encourage critical thinking and planning. No matter what type of games your family likes best, they provide a fun and easy way to stimulate the brain.

Take a Painting Class

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to tap into the creative part of our brain during the course of our day. A painting class provides a great way to try something new and be creative. In recent years, local painting studios have become increasingly popular, which means it should be easy to find a class nearby. You can spend a couple hours socializing, painting and perhaps enjoying a glass of wine.

Try a New Type of Cuisine

Don’t underestimate the power of trying something new. Even the simple act of trying new foods can be enough to stimulate parts of the brain that may not always get attention. Eating engages all of the senses and triggers the release of dopamine, which helps to create new neurons.

Read Aloud to Each Other

Instead of sitting down to watch a movie, pull a new or favorite book from the shelf and spend some time reading out loud to each other. The acts of reading, speaking and listening each call on a different area of the brain. The simple act of reading aloud can trigger complex processes and improve brain health.

Take a Yoga Class

Exercise doesn’t just benefit the body. It also stimulates the brain by calling on reflexes, eye hand coordination and tapping into the muscle and nervous systems. While there are plenty of different exercise options, a yoga class will place less stress on the body and incorporate elements of mediation and mindfulness for a more comprehensive approach that may take dad outside his comfort zone.

Give the Gift of Better Brain Health

With Father’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to pair a family activity with the right gift. Instead of buying him another tie, help dad on his journey to better brain health by giving the gift of VitaPPQ®-SR. As you age, the body’s cells begin to break down and it becomes more difficult to create new cells. This supplement is specially designed to protect the cell’s mitochondria and promote cell production.* Users report improved memory attention span, less fatigue, more restful sleep and a better overall mood.*

The right brain health supplement can serve as the ideal complement to activities that stimulate the brain. This proactive approach to fighting aging will go beyond just helping dad look his best and help him perform and feel his best for a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness. So this Father’s Day, give dad the gift of your time and attention by planning a special activity and giving him the supplemental boost he needs to be his best.


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