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Know the different types of AHCC®: Kinoko Gold, Platinum and RX


Know the different types of AHCC® and choose the right one for you: Kinoko Gold, Platinum and Rx

During a global health pandemic, there is quite a lot of interest in what types of supplements can help boost your immune health. There is also a big incentive for dishonest vendors to misrepresent their products with false claims. Particularly in the area of nutritional supplements, it can be complicated to find authoritative or reliable information. 

As the United States prepares for the possibility of a new wave in the pandemic, many Americans may be stocking up on items that have the potential to help with immunity. We're here to help you clear some of the noise about AHCC® mushroom products and the potential positive effect  AHCC® may have for the immune system. The bottom line is, while AHCC® is still a supplement, there is scientific evidence from human cohort studies and animal studies suggesting that one use of AHCC® may assist the body's immune response as an immunomodulatory and immunotherapeutic.*

The Origin of AHCC®
Different Than Other Supplements
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The Origin of AHCC®

Mushrooms: Shiitake Mushrooms Isolated on White Background

AHCC® is a natural substance extracted from certain basidiomycetes species of mushrooms, one of the most commonly known types being the Shiitake species. These types of mushrooms are prized for their high content of alpha-glucans, which aid in many of the body's crucial functions. 

For centuries in Eastern medicine, integrative medicine, and alternative medicine, the medicinal benefits of these compounds were thought to be substantial. Research and anecdotal evidence appear to verify this. Talented scientists including Matsui Y, Fujii H, Nishioka H, Ito T, Wakame K, Gerbino J, Ritz BW, Aviles H,  Terakawa N, Wang S, Kawaguchi Y, Nogusa S, Yin Z, Satoi S, Walshe T.J., and Zhang D. have worked endlessly to create a wide body of research about AHCC®. However, mushrooms and the nutritional benefit they provide have been a familiar source of human nutrition for thousands of years.  So, when you’re dealing with the nutrients found in mushrooms, you're at least dealing with a substance that likely isn’t as harmful as some other supplements, which can contain components not regularly consumed by humans. 

Many may be familiar with the suggested health effects of AHCC® but may be unfamiliar with the different varieties of AHCC® and their respective properties that they possess. Understanding the difference in what types of AHCC® are available is a lot more difficult without understanding why and how AHCC® is synthesized. The patented process for extraction does not use the typically recognized “top” of the mushroom itself, but actually, the mushroom mycelia, which is the part of the fungus that is underground, similar to the root of a plant. The process of synthesis allows for the nutrients to be condensed into a lower molecular weight, which helps your body to more efficiently absorb the crucial nutrients present.  


 Different Than Other Supplements

Quality of Life Labs

Many supplement companies make wild and outlandish claims about what they sell. Unfortunately, many consumers buy into these claims of cure-alls and elixirs that are utterly unverified through medical evidence. 

As a company, Quality of Life is one of the leading vendors for AHCC®. We make promises and meet the highest possible standards for the supplement industry. We promise that every single ingredient in our product has been selected because it’s backed by human studies and is delivered with low-dose supplementation that’s consistent with human research. This is a huge deal. Most companies in the health and wellness as well as the nutritional supplement industries cannot come close to this claim, much less the additional items listed below that Quality of Life engages in to ensure their customers only get quality products.

  1. Superior Ingredients
  2. Clinical testing on Humans 
  3. Rigorous Quality and Safety Testing
  4. Exceptionally Protective Packaging

These four things are essential, and most of the vendors in the industry do not conduct these four crucial steps as part of their business. As a result, their consumers often receive sub-par, dishonestly labeled, or flimsy products. If you use Quality of Life, you can be sure this won’t happen to you. 

Japan is an advanced culture, and its history with the mushrooms involved in AHCC® is extensive and comprehensive. The Japanese have used the perceived health benefits of these AHCC® mushrooms for centuries. There have been over 30 human trials conducted providing some evidence supporting many of the ascribed medical benefits. Generally, the effects of AHCC® have been shown to help with:

  • Maintaining optimal NK cell activity*
  • Increasing number and activity of dendritic cells (helping to boost immunity response)*
  • Promoting natural killer cell, T-cells, and macrophage activity*
  • Enhancing cytokine production*
  • Boosting b-cells*



This unique formulation of AHCC® gives you more per dosage, which can be especially helpful for people who have trouble swallowing larger capsules. This product provides 67% greater potency, giving you more for less!

Kinoko Platinum

Buy AHCC® - Kinoko Platinum

Kinoko Platinum AHCC® delivers 1,500 mg of a specially derived, proprietary hybridized mushroom extract per serving. These capsules are more substantial, but the product is reliable. If you are looking for a mushroom supplement that can be easily absorbed and broken down by the body, this is one of the best options available to you. The support of immune system health is usually the most prominent benefit consumers seek when purchasing this product. Another essential feature of this product is that it uses vegetable caps, so it’s easy for vegetarians to enjoy this supplement without having to worry about dietary constraints.

The supplement helps to support the immune system and general health by supporting white blood cell health, T-cell activity, and the proliferation of dendritic cells.* The supplement is entirely gluten-free, contains no genetically modified organisms, and would be unlikely to interfere with most dietary restrictions.

Kinoko Gold

This product is a customer favorite. Quality of Life’s AHCC® Gold supplement is one of the world's leading immune function health supplements.* This proprietary extract of several different species of medicinal mushrooms is different from a lot of nutritional supplements derived from fungi because instead of being rich in Beta Glucans, which is hard for the body to process, AHCC® is rich in Alpha Glucans, which is a polysaccharide that can have significant and potent immune-boosting effects.  

Superior Quality

Our brand is different from many supplement companies because instead of relying on emotional appeal or trickery to sell their products, they rely on quality production processes and research from human clinical trials. The FDA regulates supplements differently, and most place the onus on consumers to determine which brands and claims to believe. Quality of Life is one of the most dedicated companies in the industry when it comes to backing up the health claims to the most thorough extent possible, as they use both existing research as well as clinical studies they run themselves.

The standards of the American regulatory process means that, for the time being, the FDA does not verify any of the claims made in this article, such as whether or not AHCC®’s immunomodulatory effects are statistically significant. However, unlike many supplement providers, Quality of Life makes direct research available to the consumer so they have the opportunity to review it for themselves. They can then make an informed decision about whether or not they would like to try AHCC® and integrate into their daily health and wellness routine by looking at the proven benefits and few adverse effects or side effects, especially since, all recommended dosages and amounts are based on actual human research trials. 

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Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with additional resources on AHCC®. They want to share a product they believe in. While the evidence has not reached the FDA's burden of proof, there is evidence from at least 20 clinical trials as to the benefit of AHCC®, specifically on immunity and other benefits that you can see for yourself


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