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Labor Day Weekend Survival Guide!

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Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened!  This is our mantra at QOL when it comes to dealing with the end of summer blues. Luckily, we still have one more chance to celebrate this summer. Labor Day Weekend is a great time to kick-back and ring out the summer with friends and family! It can be hard to stay healthy during holidays – that is why your QOL health experts put together this Labor Day Weekend survival guide for you. We hope this helps you celebrate and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend while treating your body right!

If you are throwing a LDW celebration – it is important to fill your menu with healthy options. Here are some of our favorite healthy BBQ recipes:  

  • These pickle dogs swap out a traditional hot dog bun with a pickle! This is a great way to save calories and cut back carb intake.
  • Try this egg-free vegan potato salad!
  • Not a fan of pickles? These Pineapple bun burgers could be perfect for you!
  • Looking for a healthy vegetarian burger recipe? These black bean burgers only have one gram of fat and 12 grams of protein.
  • Looking to add some color to your LDW spread? Try these beetroot and quinoa burgers
  • Typical pasta salads are laden with mayonnaise which can hard on your waistline. Lighten up your pasta salad with this low-carb pasta primavera
  • For a unique and healthy dish, try these pork lettuce wraps!
  • Need a healthy dessert option? These chocolate chip fro-yo sandwiches will only set you back 52 calories.

Ok – so you may be thinking what if I’m not the one throwing the LDW party? How can I be healthy attending a LDW party? Glad you asked! Here are some tips and tricks to make healthy choices at any LDW gathering:

  1. Fill your plate ONCE - avoid going back for seconds. Although it might be temping, think about on a regular day would you ever eat two dinners?
  2. Take your time – eat slowly and be mindful. This will help you truly enjoy your food.
  3. Bring your own dish or a healthy snack!
  4. Try not to hover over the snack/food table – out of sight out of mind! Focus on socializing with your friends or family.
  5. Fill half your plate with vegetables or a salad if it is available – and be liberal with the dressing!
  6. Don’t show up to the party with an empty stomach. This will probably lead to over-indulging.
  7. Most importantly – relax and have fun! Don’t beat yourself up for not being “prefect.” It is ok to have less than healthy foods in moderation. This means if you love cookies, have just one! 

We hope you can use this guide to have a healthy and fun Labor Day Weekend! Share this blog with your friends and family so they can make healthy choices too.  

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