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Learn About our Lychee Fruit and Green Tea Supplement

Lychee is a sweet, floral fruit with notes of pear and strawberry - its texture is juicy and fleshy, similar to a grape. In contrast, green tea is a bittersweet plant with a pungent and swampy taste.

So what happens when you combine this unexpected duo? Oligonol® is created!

Why Did We Choose These Ingredients For Oligonol®?

We harnessed the healing power of lychee fruit and green tea and put it at your fingertips in a single vegicap.

Lychees contain several healthy vitamins and minerals. They are known to help boost blood circulation and improve your skin. Green tea has been shown to promote brain health, blood flow, and even lower cholesterol. Additionally, these are two of the best sources of antioxidants and polyphenols.

This is why Oligonol® works to improve your circulation, promote beautiful + protected skin, helps you maintain a healthy weight, improves cardiovascular health, cellular hydration, and even gives your brain a boost!

How Oligonol Benefits Your Skin:

Oligonol's® skin benefits work three ways:

  1. Lychee and green tea support a healthy inflammatory response and protect against UV-based free radical damage.
  2. Lychee and green tea contain many polyphenols, compounds known to exhibit benefits that help reduce symptoms of skin aging.
  3. Oliognol improves circulation. Improved blood circulation results in faster repair of your skin cells.


Other benefits of taking Oligonol

More than skin protection, Oligonol's® formula can also help with:

  • Immunity. A healthy inflammatory response is key to a long and healthy life. However, many factors in life cause our body to go into panic mode, resulting in a release of harmful chemicals within our body. Oligonol® can help fight this by promoting a healthy inflammatory response.*
  • Cardiovascular Health Support. Lychee fruit supports healthy blood flow. Studies have found that Oligonol® increases nitric oxide in the blood, helping blood vessels to expand and improve peripheral circulation.*
  • Improved Endurance. When more blood is flowing to the muscle, more oxygen is delivered. In the meantime, more waste is being removed from the muscle. This combination prevents fatigue.*
  • Weight loss. Oligonol® has beneficial effects on metabolism. Studies have shown that Oligonol may regulate the production of particular hormones produced in the fat tissues to facilitate fat metabolism.*


Using lychee and green tea, Oligonol® is an antioxidant powerhouse that can protect our skin from free radical damage while also nourishing it from the inside.

From circulation to immune health, weight loss, to skin beauty - cover all your bases with Oligonol®!

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