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Let’s Let it Go!


We all know that too much sugar in your diet, too little sleep, lack of exercise, or excessive alcohol consumption can all be threats to your health – but did you know that one of the worst things you can do to yourself is hold onto negative energy? That is why every year on June 22nd we celebrate National Let It Go Day! This is a day dedicated to letting go of baggage that can be hindering our health and quality of life.

They say that holding onto negative energy is like drinking small doses of poison – over a long period of time it can be lethal. It will become a burden on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Some negative energy can be clear and easy to identify – but sometimes negative energy in your life can be hiding behind a disguise.   

At QOL we think Let It Go Day is the perfect occasion to stop wasting your energy and sacrificing your health to negative feelings – instead you should be focusing on building a positive and healthy future!

You may be wondering where to start – that is why we created a list of some things you can let go of to improve your health:

  1. Fear – indulging in fear can hold us back from having exciting adventures, taking career risks, or perusing new relationships. Don’t allow yourself to be held captive by your own fear; go on that date! Take the job or sign up for that class! These things may very well not work out – but if you don’t try you will never know!
  2. Excuses – there are always millions of reasons not to do something, but the reasons to do something are usually better. Let go of excuses and hold yourself accountable!
  3. Toxic people – sometimes we keep friendships alive when maybe we shouldn’t. It may be scary to be down a friend, but when it comes to friendship it’s about quality, not quantity. If you feel like a friendship is draining you or causing you more drama than joy – it could be time to move on.
  4. Grudges – letting go of grudges is hard! Forgiving someone else’s poor conduct can be a decision that ultimately minimizes your own distress. So don’t think of this as giving that person’s bad behavior the stamp of approval – this is lightening your emotional burden.
  5. Things you don’t need – go through your house and throw out or donate things you don’t use or need. Clearing out your space clears out your mind.
  6. Regret – It is important to learn from your mistakes, but you should not get mad at yourself for making mistakes. You can waste a lot of time thinking “What if?” or “If only I hadn’t done that.” We do what seems like the best decision in the present and we can’t always know what our future perspective will be – so don’t hold that against yourself.
  7. Guilt – even if you did something truly bad, you are not alone and nobody can fault you for moving on if you have changed your ways.
  8. The Past – every day you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Don’t dwell over your past – live every day to build the life you want.

The first step in letting go of something is identifying it – go through this list and identify how each one of these relates to your life. Since your health is our top priority – we hope this list helps you let go of some of the things weighing on you so you can live your most healthy life!

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