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Low-Impact Aerobic Activities for Joint Health Awareness Month


During Joint Health Awareness Month, it’s important to find ways to exercise without overexerting yourself.

Incorporating low-impact aerobic activities into your routine can help you foster better health and mobility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the best low-impact aerobic activities for Joint Health/Pain Awareness Month
  • Learn about the science behind joint discomfort and mobility issues
  • Find out how Quality of Life premium joint health supplements can help you get back on your feet and fight joint pain*

Choose Quality of Life joint health supplements today to relieve joint discomfort and enjoy movement again!*

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Your Joints Become Stiff, Painful, and Uncomfortable Over the Years
  2. The Best Low-Impact Movements for Joint Pain
  3. Using Quality of Life Joint Health Supplements for Relief*
  4. Take Care of Your Joints All Year With Quality of Life Joint Health Supplements*

Why Your Joints Become Stiff, Painful, and Uncomfortable Over the Years

As you age, your joint health can take a turn for the worse. In some cases, you may experience joint pain and discomfort in your younger years, too.

Your joints are surrounded by softer tissue called cartilage. Cartilage helps your joints move and promotes better mobility and flexibility.

When your cartilage starts to wear away or is not properly lubricated, you experience joint pain and stiffness.

Your body may send inflammatory responses to the area, causing even more discomfort over time.

It might feel harder to move, twist, stretch, bend, or perform normal daily activities. This can interfere with your lifestyle and make you miss out on activities you once loved.

It’s tempting to avoid all movement when your joints hurt.

However, it’s widely accepted that gentle movements and low-impact aerobic exercises can boost your joint health and help relieve pain.

The Best Low-Impact Movements for Joint Pain

When you suffer from joint pain and stiffness, you should keep your movements gentle and low-impact.

This means avoiding any activities that are hard on your bones and cartilage, like running, HIIT exercises, and physical contact sports.

Try these low-impact aerobic activities to get inspired during Joint Health/Pain Awareness Month.

Cycling and Biking

Whether you prefer a stationary cycling machine or you like to hit the road on your bicycle, both are valid options for low-impact aerobic activities.

Cycling is easy on your joints and cartilage while still raising your heart rate and keeping your body moving.

Since you use the pedals to move the bicycle forward, your knees don’t receive the same impact as they would while running or walking.

This makes cycling a good alternative to higher-impact outdoor exercises.


When you’re in the water, you feel weightless. This happens for a reason: swimming has an extremely low impact on your joints and cartilage.

While swimming doesn’t put strain and pressure on your joints, it does raise your heart rate and keep your blood pumping.

Swimming helps build muscle strength, cardio endurance, and mobility.

If you enjoy water activities, consider taking up swimming as a low-impact exercise option during Joint Health/Pain Awareness Month.

Yoga and Stretching

You may not think of stretching as exercise, but yoga is a gentle form of exercise that stretches your muscles and ligaments to promote better mobility.

The biggest advantage of yoga is that you can take it at your own pace.

If you struggle with joint soreness and stiffness, you can modify almost any yoga pose to suit your needs.

The more you stretch and practice yoga, the more mobile and flexible your body will become. This benefits your joint health — and mental health — over time.

Core Exercises

Core exercises, sometimes known as Pilates, build up muscle mass throughout your abdomen and chest to give your body a stable foundation.

There are a wealth of benefits to doing regular core exercises.

Most Pilates exercises don’t pack a heavy punch to your joints and cartilage. In fact, core exercises may help boost your mobility and reduce joint pain over time.

The stronger your core is, the more stable and aligned the rest of your body will be.

When it comes to combating joint pain and stiffness, core exercises are the way to go.

Using Quality of Life Joint Health Supplements for Relief*

As you move through Joint Health/Pain Awareness Month, you may want an extra boost for your joint comfort and health.

That’s where Quality of Life premium joint health supplements come in; Cartiflex®, Cartilast®, and Cartiquil® are all great additions to your supplement regimen.

Cartiflex®: Improve Your Mobility and Range of Motion*

Cartiflex® works closely with your cartilage to promote better mobility and increased range of motion.*

This can be a game changer for those who are currently limited to simple movements and have to avoid:

  • Bending
  • Twisting
  • Reaching

Cartiflex® contains two key ingredients to help with joint mobility: Biocell Collagen® and chondroitin sulfate.*

The collagen in this supplement reinforces the structure and strength of your cartilage, while chondroitin sulfate has a lubricating effect on your joints.*

Cartilast®: Protect and Rebuild Your Joint Cartilage*

Cartilast® may have a protective effect on your existing joint cartilage.*

This supplement contains essential nutrients and naturally derived compounds to protect your cartilage and rebuild damaged tissues.*

We all lose some cartilage structure as we age, but you may combat this by taking Cartilast® as directed.*

Cartiquil®: Experience Joint Comfort and Relief*

Cartiquil® is our premium joint discomfort relief supplement.* This fast-acting formula is derived from herbs and works quickly to relieve painful, stiff joints.*

The herbs in Cartiquil® help manage your body’s inflammatory responses and promote better mobility by reducing stiffness.*

If you frequently experience discomfort, try Cartiquil® for relief today.*

Take Care of Your Joints All Year With Quality of Life Joint Health Supplements

Turn to our three premium joint health and comfort supplements to begin enjoying an improved quality of life with better flexibility, mobility, and joint health all year long.*

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