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March Madness Workout Challenge and Healthy Snack Ideas!


Madness can occur in March for many reasons (i.e seasonal changes, daylight savings time, unpredictable weather) – but in this case March Madness refers to the time of year when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are held. Here’s a crash course on March Madness just in-case you are new to this.

Why Madness? The term “March Madness” seemed to be the only way to capture the excitement that swirls around the sports world during the weeks leading up to the tournament. During this time hundreds of college basketball teams from all over the United States fight to earn a spot in the tournament.

The NCAA tournament is a single-elimination tournament that features 68 teams. The games are spread over three weekends. The field used to only include 64 teams, but in recent years four more teams were permitted to play in games to earn a spot in the final field of 64. Only 16 teams make it past the first weekend – these are referred to as the “Sweet Sixteen.” The second weekend narrows down the field to 8 teams – known as the “Elite Eight” and then the “Final Four.” The final weekend focuses on the four semifinalists. Following this – the two semifinal victors move on to play in the national championship game. Millions of fans fill out their own brackets attempting to predict the winners of all the games.

At this time of year people will be tied to their couch every weekend – but being tied to the couch weekend after weekend can start to have negative effects on your health. Especially when snacks are a must for March Madness viewing parties. Don’t worry because your health gurus at QOL are here to provide you with a March Madness workout game and healthy snack ideas – so you can feel inspired to make healthy choices as you celebrate!

Here is a March Madness workout challenge to get you up off your couch and moving:

3-pointer = 3 Squats
Dunk = 2 Tuck Jumps
Made Free Throw = 1 Curtsy Lunge
Missed Free Throw = 1 push-Up
Turnover = 2 Russian Twists
Personal Foul = 2 Front Jabs
Offensive Foul = 2 Front Kicks
Traveling = 10 sec Fast Feet
Shot Clock Violation = 5 Jumping Jacks
Injury = 30 Sec Plank
Buzzer Beater = 5 Star Jumps
Upset Victory = 1 Min Burpees

We know half the fun of watching March Madness games are the snacks! At QOL we care about your health – so we would like to offer you some healthy snack swaps!

You may be reluctant to make these changes – but your body will thank you!

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