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No Water? No Problem! - 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated


Summer is close to over and fall will be sneaking up on us in no time. During the warm summer days we are very conscious on staying hydrated but in reality we should be conscious about staying hydrated all year-round. It can be difficult drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Fortunately enough there are many other ways you can stay hydrated without having to down 8 cups of water a day. Check out these fun 7 other ways you can consider to stay hydrated:

  1. Fill up your plate with your favorite veggies. Fun fact – 20 percent of your daily water intake comes from the food you eat. Many veggies contain over 85 percent of water – cucumbers and lettuce contain 96 percent water, followed by celery with 95 percent and tomatoes with 94 percent. You can get a lot of water and hydrate yourself by having one of your favorite salads for lunch!
  2. Snack on your favorite delicious fruits. There’s nothing more delicious than a nice piece of fruit from the farmers market – many of which are high in water. In fact, strawberries and watermelons contain 92 percent water, followed with cantaloupes that contain 90 percent water. Other fruits that contain a lot of water are peaches, pineapples and oranges. Of course – many fruits contains a lot of sugar so it is important to eat them in moderation.
  3. Pick up an iced coffee early in the morning. We’ve all heard that coffee may cause dehydration but this isn’t necessarily correct.
  4. Avoid too many alcoholic beverages. It’s plain and simple – the more alcohol you consume the more dehydrated you become. When you drink alcohol, production of the anti-diuretic hormone decreases. This hormone helps the body reabsorb water – while a lack of this hormone causes an increase in urination, thus leading the body to lose more fluid than usual. This is what causes dry mouth, thirst and headaches, or in other words a hangover.
    *Tip: For every alcoholic beverage you have, make sure to drink a glass of water or a drink high in electrolytes, like coconut water.
  1. Have yourself a nice cup of soup. Many broths are packed with salt, which surprisingly helps the body retain water and fight dehydration. Make sure to also add some of your favorite veggies for some added high water content.
  2. Start off your day with some oatmeal. Not all of us are coffee lovers, so why not start your morning with a nice bowl of oatmeal to keep you hydrated and your heart healthy? Oatmeal absorbs the water used to cook it, thus being a simple but effective source of water. Additionally oatmeal is a great source of fiber.
  3. Have some coconut water. Coconut water is a liquid that forms inside a coconut that is high in electrolyte levels. It’s hydrating and tastes yummy!

Staying hydrated is important to overall health and we want to make sure you have a variety of ways to stay hydrated all year-round, especially during what’s left of the warm summer days.

If you’re looking for a good read while enjoying the last days of summer by the pool and want to learn more on the importance of hydration, make sure you check out Quench. In this book Dr. Dana Cohen and anthropologist, Gina Bria, have teamed up to uncover the science behind hydration and how it can beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body.

How have you stayed hydrated this summer? Comment below with some of your favorite tips so the whole QOL Family can enjoy!

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