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Oligonol® + Curcumin = A Winning Combination for Athletes

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Are you an athlete looking for an extra edge?

Whether you’re looking to be more competitive at your next pick-up basketball game or trying to shave a minute off your mile time, no question upping our game (especially as we age) is a challenge.

What if we told you there’s a little-known combination of supplements that can potentially take you to the next level?

When we tell you what this combination is, it’ll seem completely obvious, but very few people are talking about it. The secret is about to be let out of the bag.

We’re talking about curcumin and Oligonol®.

Curcumin, the superstar ingredient of turmeric, is known for four main benefits. When combined with Oligonol®, those effects work synergistically and can be even more dramatic.

  1. Helps Improves Muscle Recovery*

Athletes and weekend warriors alike push their bodies to the limits, and intense bouts of exercise can lead to inflammation and muscle damage. The resulting soreness is a natural response and leads to better performance, but recovery can take a while.

According to a study in The FASEB Journal, curcumin reduces muscle damage and soreness that occurs during exercise. This helps get you back on your feet and in the gym in record time.

When you add Oligonol to the mix, your body also gets help fighting the flood of free radicals that enter your system as an inflammatory response.

  1. Helps Boosts Athletic Performance*

Curcumin has been shown to increase muscle glycogen content. In plain English, that translates to giving your ample body energy during physical activity. Without getting overly geeky, we can tell you that glycogen depletion adversely affects exercise performance.

By adding curcumin to your supplement regiment, studies have shown that athletes of all levels (including casual gym-goers) increase their endurance, grip strength, and stamina.

And, as you might already know, Oligonol® supports cardiovascular health. As a result, when you combine these two ingredients, athletic performance and stamina can dramatically improve. Not only will your body have the energy stores it needs, but it will also have more cardiovascular capacity when you need to push your limits.

  1. Increases Brain Function*

Curcumin can play a role in improving learning and memory, while also having a similar positive benefit on serotonin and dopamine levels.

Because so much of athletic performance is mental, curcumin can give an athlete an extra edge, whether it’s in the form of having a more positive attitude or remembering a specific move from a playbook.

Combining curcumin with Oligonol® is a powerhouse team because Oligonol® may reduce fatigue. An athlete looking for that extra ounce of motivation would be wise to add both of these supplements to their diet!

  1. Help Reduce Joint Discomfort*

As we get older, recovery time after a workout can take longer. No one said getting old was a walk in the park!

However, joint discomfort is not inevitable. If you’re experiencing them daily in your middle years, there are plenty of natural ingredients that can help, including curcumin. Curcumin helps rid your body of oxidative stress, including cortisol.

Adding Oligonol® can also help. Studies show it relaxes the blood vessels, enhancing circulation. Healthy levels of circulation increase blood flow to affected areas, aiding in muscle repair, and recovery.

Despite the promise of these two excellent ingredients, they’re not a substitute for a healthy diet and proper training! Go ahead and give this combo a try and let us know what gains you experience!

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