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3 Tips to Celebrate Oral Awareness Month!

Did you know that the UK is celebrating National Smile Month?

Basically, this month is the biggest and longest-running campaign to encourage good oral health!

Thousands of people and organizations get together to promote 3 key components that can help everyone obtain and maintain a happy, healthy mouth! 

The 3 major points are:

  • Brush your teeth! At least once before you go to bed and at least one more time throughout the day with toothpaste.
  • Try to cut out or at least decrease the amount of sugar you intake everyday whether it be through food or drinks!
  • Visit your friend the dentist as often as they want you too. It depends on each person.

Even though National Smile Month is celebrated in the UK, it’s still relevant to us here in the US. The goal of National Smile Month is to improve oral health in the long run. First started and still run by oral health charity called the Oral Health Foundation, this particular campaign expects to raise awareness of the importance of health issues regarding oral hygiene. They want to make a positive impact by spreading this awareness and show the difference between the issues and the results of great oral health!

Not only is the goal to try to spread awareness and encourage people within the communities to learn more and take extra care of their oral health, but the idea is to also specifically target dental and health professionals, schools, pharmacies, colleges and workplaces. Honestly anyone who has any interest in bettering their oral hygiene!

Before it was called the National Smile Campaign, it was originally called “Smile ‘77” and it was founded in 1977 by the British Dental Foundation, which nowadays is known as Oral Health Foundation. This campaign caught on pretty well and eventually turned into a week-long celebration called the National Smile Week.

Now it has turned into a month full of spreading awareness and has caught the attention of other countries such as the Unites States!

In 2009, both Oral Health America and Oral Health Foundation joined forces to help spread the news and educate the people about National Smile Month. The campaign was mediated a success and was projected to have reached 180,000,000 readers and viewers. The slogan for 2009 was ‘Brush for Health’ and directed to create the message of connecting poor oral health with other universal illnesses.

Forty years later, this campaign has had an important influence on dental health advantages throughout both the UK and the US. Providing both educational aspects about the impact of dental treatment and how poor dental care can lead to more health issues.

Join the dental movement with all the practitioners that are using the message of this month long event to educate patients, speak in schools and businesses, and reach the medically underserved communities around us!

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Have a reason to smile this month!

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