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Our Best 2020 Summer Travel Tips for Safety and Fun

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That European vacation might be postponed until next year but if you are considering traveling during these times, we want to give some tips to enjoy a summer getaway with safety in mind.

To ensure you and your family stay safe and get maximum enjoyment, we’ve included seven summer traveling tips to make this your best vacation yet!

  1. Choose Your Destination Carefully

 Some parts of the country are now “hot spots.” We recommend going to a place that falls under the radar. However, make sure you don’t have to quarantine for 14 days once you get there, which there are plenty of options.

  1. Find out the Rules

 What is open in your destination town, and what is restricted? In some areas, beaches are closed and restricted. Restaurants are at limited capacity, and some counties have issued ordinances that don’t allow indoor dining. In some states, masks are required at all times, and other states have zero mask requirements.

By knowing what the rules are, you can avoid disappointment while also being prepared with a permissible list of activities.

  1. Consider Outdoor Destinations

 Instead of booking a hotel, why not enjoy the great outdoors instead? Camping is the perfect way to rediscover nature and teach your children about our beautiful planet.

Being outside also obviously keeps you from being confined to other people!

  1. Bring Supplies

 Make sure you pack plenty of disinfectant wipes to help you keep surfaces clean. This includes wiping door handles of rental cars and doors of public restrooms. Most places have sanitizer and masks on hand but don’t rely on them to carry them. Bring extras and use liberally.

  1. Consider Staying with Family or Friends

 Hotels and vacation homes can pose a significant worry. Hotels are bound to have other guests. By staying at the home of a friend or family member, you can better control your environment.

If you do opt for a hotel, call ahead to check what’s open and closed. You may prefer a hotel with amenities like the pool and gym open.

Of course, be sure to wipe down all surfaces as soon as you enter the room or home. Pay attention to the TV remotes, handles on sinks and doors, light switches, the refrigerator, and nightstands.

  1. Flying Could be Safer than Driving

 If you’re planning a long trip, flying could be safer than driving because fewer stops to rest, use the bathroom, and get gas. Further, most airlines have taken extreme safety precautions.

Check the airline before you book to confirm that the rules are consistent with your comfort level. For example, some airlines require masks at all times (unless you’re eating or drinking), while others have a laxer mask policy.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you have plenty of distance between your seat and others nearby. It’s believed that window seats are the safest because your exposure to other passengers is limited. After all, there are people only to one side.

  1. Consider Dining In

 Restaurants across the country have begun to re-open, many with extra safety measures. Make sure you call ahead to see what they’re doing to keep you safe if you have any concerns. Most restaurants are providing one-time use menus or wipeable menus. Others are offering disposable plates and utensils, which presents a dilemma if you’re an environmentalist.

If you do head out to a restaurant, make sure you maintain social distancing and avoid lingering at the host stand but consider the alternative of delivery or takeout!

Another option is to bring your own food and enjoy outdoor picnics.

Are there any safe travel tips we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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