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Our Warehouse Superheros!

Essential workers have quickly become the world’s most celebrated superheroes, as they should be!

Although most of our staff in the QOL New York office has been following work from home orders since mid-March, our warehouse staff has been working diligently around the clock to ensure that our customers receive their favorite supplements as safely and efficiently as possible. They are truly the supplement superheroes!

We decided to check in with Nick, the manager of the warehouse, and ask some questions about how the staff has been handling this situation.

Q. Please introduce yourself and explain your role a little bit at the QOL warehouse?

A. My name is Nick I am the manager of the warehouse. I oversee the day to day tasks such as order packing/shipping and in-house production.

Q. Take us through your daily routine at the warehouse.

A. Our daily routine is as follows:

Arrive at 9am and immediately print invoices to start packing orders. We continue to accept orders until noon.  We start shipping the orders by 11am and continue packing and shipping until the orders for the day are done. Depending on the day we finish with orders between 3 and 5pm. Orders are the main priority and after we finish packing/shipping we start completing other tasks such as receiving reports, organizing, cleaning, etc.

Q. How do you stay healthy and keep your immune system strong?

A.I try to keep my immune system strong by eating a healthy diet and working out the best I can without a gym. I started running and using our product, Oligonol, to help.

Q. Being an essential worker during these times, what are some of the precautions you have had to implement into daily warehouse procedures?

A. Some new processes that we have added to our daily routine include continually using hand sanitizer, doing our best to stay 6 feet apart, at least once a day wiping down all surfaces that we touch, and wearing masks and gloves while packing all orders.

Q. What has been the biggest challenge you and the staff have faced thus far during these times?

A. The biggest challenge we have faced in this difficult situation was handling a large order surge in the most efficient way possible and trying to plan out work, while also dealing with the uncertainty of how everything happening would pan out.

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, it’s reassuring to know how certain we can be with our customers thanks to the hard work and countless extra time being put in by our warehouse superheros. We could not appreciate them more!

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