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Ovaries: A Woman’s Treasured Organ


Let’s talk about ovaries! Ovaries a very important organ in the female body but unfortunately we don’t give them all of the attention they deserve. Most women pay attention to their ovaries when it’s that time of the month or they’re trying to get pregnant, but did you know that ovaries are more than just a reproductive organ? They are actually the reason for many things your body might be doing. Check out these 5 informational facts about ovaries and have some of your questions answered!

They know when you’re stressed. As you know many health issues are connected to stress – your ovaries are affected! When your body is undergoing stress, such as moving, family changes, financial obligations, etc. your ovaries can detect it. When under intense stress ovaries stop releasing eggs – it’s pretty much your body’s way of saying it might not be a good time to get pregnant.

Their size fluctuates. Unlike many of your other organs, Ovaries actually change in size quite often. In fact, your ovaries are always changing in size, specifically over the course of your cycle and when your body releases an egg each month. It’s not something super noticeable because they grow very little in size. Once you hit menopause this stops and your ovaries soon begin to get smaller and smaller.

They are a reason you look feminine. Ovaries release two specific hormones; estrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for all the changes your body makes during puberty, such as breast growth and your period. So you can thank all your feminine attributes to your ovaries and hormones.

You might be able to blame them for your acne. Are you struggling with some serious acne? Your ovaries might be to blame for this. If you’re experiencing additional issues such as irregular periods, weight gain, or hair thinning this might be polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. And no, you don’t necessarily have to have a cyst to have this syndrome. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please make sure to see a medical specialist.

They help prevent osteoporosis. Throughout a women’s life estrogen is produced by ovaries which helps maintain bone density. Unfortunately, once you hit menopause you begin to produce less estrogen putting women more at risk for osteoporosis.

It’s interesting to know how your ovaries can affect many different aspects of your overall health. With that being said make sure you’re giving your ovaries just as much attention as you are to your heart, brain, or any other organ. And make sure to make regular visits to the gynecologist to make sure everything is perfectly in order!

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