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Post-Super Bowl Detox!

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Last night's super bowl was great! No matter which team you were rooting for, we hope you enjoyed the game and celebrations that come along with it. 

Super Bowl parties are always a great time. But with all the excitement, it can be easy to overindulge in food and alcohol. If that sounds familiar, you might be feeling a little sluggish today. 

It's okay, these things happen. The most important thing you can do is get back on track today! Challenge yourself to a post super bowl detox! 

Here are seven detox tips for this week: 

  1. Detox your pantry - first, remove any tempting treats from your house! If fattening and sugary foods are on-hand, you are more likely to cave into temptation. 
  2. Stock up - control your pantry! Stock up on healthy foods. Prepare fresh, chopped veggies and fruits to keep on hand for snacks — stock up on healthy staples such as yogurt and low-calorie healthy dips, such as hummus. 
  3.  Eat breakfast every morning - skipping breakfast can lead to backfiring and consuming more calories later in the day. Eat a healthy breakfast at home. 
  4. Eat light at night - eat lighter at night; your body will be resting and using fewer calories. 
  5. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep! Studies have found that sleep problems are tied to weight problems. 
  6. Control your mind - spend time with like-minded people who will encourage you rather than sabotage you! 

Here are some foods that promote detoxification: 

  1. Grapefruit - grapefruits contain fat-zapping phytochemicals, according to scientists. 
  2. Hibiscus tea - the flavonoids in the hibiscus plant counteract bloating by influencing how aldosterone, the hormone that regulates water and electrolytes balance, affects the body. 
  3. Guacamole - Cilantro, the savory herb that gives guac its distinctive flavor, contains a blend of oils that sends a "simmer down!" message to an upset stomach. Cilantro extract has been linked to relief in patients who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. 
  4. White tea - white tea can simultaneously boost lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and block adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells). 
  5. Turmeric - curcumin, a compound derived from the bright-orange spice turmeric, works as a potent anti-inflammatory in the liver. 
  6. Asparagus - the amino acids and minerals found in asparagus may alleviate hangover symptoms and protect liver cells against toxins. The veggie spears are also a natural diuretic, which will help flush the excess toxins from your system.
  7. Collard greens - collard greens have an incredible ability to cleanse your system of excess cholesterol, especially when steamed. 
  8. Lemon water - water is an essential part of a healthy, functioning metabolism. When you drink it, you give your body the energy it needs to cleanse itself of toxins.
  9. Wild salmon - this fish is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that may then help to reverse arterial stiffness. 
  10. Beets - These roots contain a type of antioxidant called betalains that help repair and regenerate cells in the liver, the body's primary detox center. 
  11. Sweet potatoes - half a medium sweet potato with the skin provides 200 percent of your daily recommended carcinoid intake. 
  12. Spinach - This green's membranes contain a powerful appetite suppressing compounds called thylakoids. 
  13. Bananas - Bananas have two superpowers that help slim your stomach: they increase bloat-fighting bacteria in the stomach and provide a healthy dose of potassium, which can help diminish water retention.
  14. Tomatoes - consuming foods high in antioxidants, like tomatoes, can ward off skin damage from the inside out.
  15. Kiwi - while you've likely heard that adding fiber to your diet may be helpful with handling sluggish bowls, you may not know that few sources of the nutrient are as useful as kiwi. 
  16. Cold potatoes - when potatoes are cooked and then cooled in the refrigerator, its digestible starches turn into resistant starches through a process called retrogradation. 
  17. Almonds - a couple of small handfuls a day of vitamin-packed almonds could help cleanse the deposits out and lower levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol. 
  18. Artichokes - add artichoke to your dinner salad. For every 10 grams of fiber you eat daily, your middle will carry 3.7 percent less flab. 
  19. Legumes - researchers found that study participants who ate a calorie-restricted diet that included four weekly servings of legumes lost more weight than those on a calorie-equivalent diet that didn't add beans—likely due to the legume's high fiber content.
  20. Oats - oats are a rich source of gut-friendly fiber. One cup of oats delivers 16 grams of fiber, including insoluble, which feeds healthy bacteria in your gut, and a soluble kind called beta-glucan.
  21. Blackberries - one cup of antioxidant-rich blackberries packs in 7.6 grams of fiber! 
  22. Sunflower seeds - a quarter-cup serving of sunflower seeds is just over 200 calories and provides 3 grams of fiber. Plus, sunflower seeds make a healthy and filling addition to any diet, serving up a fair share of magnesium, a mineral that keeps blood pressure regular, maintains steady heart rhythm, and helps boost lipolysis, a process by which the body releases fat from its stores.
  23. Cocao powder - cocoa powder, the raw, unprocessed form of cocoa powder, is a great way to combat bloat and sneak more fiber into your diet while simultaneously quieting your chocolate cravings.

We wish you all the luck with your detoxifying. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section! 


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