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Protect the Brain as You Age with Cogni-Q™


We accumulate a lot of experiences and wisdom with each passing day. These become memories that are dear to us as we enter our elderly days. Unfortunately, as we age, our brain also ages, and holding onto these memories becomes harder. It is a common occurrence for older adults to experience lapses in memory and slower cognition.

Being nimble as we age should be one of our health priorities, and for that, we made Cogni-Q.

What is Cogni-Q™ and What’s Inside It?

 Cogni-Q is our answer to age-related brain health issues such as fuzzy memory, poor focus, and impaired cognition. The formula is meant to combat the effects of aging on our brain and seeks to provide long-term brain health support.*


What’s inside Cogni-Q™?

The great thing about Cogni-Q™ is how simple the formula is with just one key ingredient. But, you might ask, “how effective is your product if you just have one ingredient?” 

When it comes to supplements, it’s not the number of ingredients that determine quality but the quality of the ingredients in the formula. In Cogni-Q™’s case, we only used the best, unique brain-protective herb called Angelicas gigas Nakai extract as INM-176. 

INM-176 is the standardized concentrated extract of the Angelica gigas Nakai that is used in traditional herbal medicine in countries such as Japan and Korea. 

Several studies support the brain-protective benefits of taking INM-176. These include:

  •  Memory improvement in those with memory problems*
  •  Protects against toxins and other substances that may negatively affect brain health*
  •  Supports a healthy inflammatory response, especially for the brain*
  •  Provides antioxidant support, which can help slow down the signs of age-related brain problems*

Other Tips to Boost Brain Health

To maximize the benefits of taking Cogni-Q™, it’s equally important to build on your healthy habits. Here are some ways:

  •  Brain Diet: Eating foods that can help boost brain power and protect the brain from adverse health effects will have you staying nimble throughout your later years. Some foods that boost brain health include fatty fish, coffee, turmeric, dark chocolate, and nuts.
  •  Healthy sleeping habits: Getting into the habit of sleeping early and waking up early can help the body focus on recovery, including our brain cells. 
  •  Exercising: Exercising benefits not only our muscles and bones but also our focus and how fast our brain reacts to stress.


Healthy aging is more than simply looking good as time goes by. It also involves having a sharp mind capable of keeping up with the amount of new information it encounters every day. There are many natural ways to boost brain health and improve brain function, such as eating the right type of foods, getting good sleep, and having a decent exercise routine. You can also take brain booster supplements to help you get more out of your efforts. 

Brain health supplements like Cogni-Q™ are formulated to help with memory, focus, and long-term brain function. It uses a high-quality, unique ingredient called INM-176, cited by experts as a top-of-the-line brain-boosting ingredient. INM-176 can improve memory, focus, promote a healthy inflammatory response, and even function as an antioxidant. *

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