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Put Down the Remote Control. Do This Instead

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or generally “blue,” you’re not alone!

We are living in some strange times. Unemployment rates are soaring, there’s talk of a “new normal,” and the future feels uncertain.

We know that it can be hard to stay positive, but one thing we’ve found that helps mental health is learning something new. Right now, there are a lot of free (and paid) courses that you can take in your pajamas.

We’ve collected a list of 5 places you can go to get an online education or learn a new skill.

  1. Get a Free Ivy League Education

Well, almost. Universities like Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth are giving away free classes in a variety of disciplines, including business, programming, personal development, art, health and medicine, and more.

Most of the courses are several weeks long and come with a syllabus, so you’ll know what’s expected before you commit. Our favorite class so far: Learning how to negotiate strategically, which is offered by Yale University.

In all, there are currently 439 online courses to choose from. 410 even award a certificate at the end!

  1. Learn How to Play Guitar for Free with Fender

Fender is giving three months of lessons to everyone. Their guided lessons will provide you with detailed instructions on playing everything from Radiohead to Led Zeppelin. If you don’t have a guitar, they’re even giving discounts on purchasing an instrument.

  1. Study 3 Months of a Language Free from Rosetta Stone

Have you always wanted to learn a new language but never had the time? Rosetta Stone is a premier language learning software available on your computer or your smartphone.

Technically, the offer is for K-12 students, but the company says they’re not checking ID, so adults can take advantage of this offer, too!

Choose from 24 languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Korean.

  1. Take a Course at Udemy

Choose from more than 150,000 courses, including those for mental health!

Popular topics include anxiety management, PTSD, hypnotherapy, and neuroplasticity.

The retail price of these courses can be high, but they’re always running specials, so make sure you never pay full price.

  1. Learn from Your Hero at MasterClass

These online classes have everything, from cooking to fashion design. We’ve taken a few and will say that they’re not as actionable as having step-by-step instruction. However, we can tell you that it feels like your idol is sitting in your living room having a cup of coffee with you. And that’s pretty special!

For example, Diane von Furstenberg (the modern inventor of the wrap dress) has a fashion design course. You are not going to learn how to sew, draw a pattern or even discover what makes a trend go viral, but you will learn about her background and get inspired by her creativity, hustle, and never give up attitude. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Learning

If it’s been a while since you’ve attended “school,” you might find that your brain is a little bit rusty. To keep your mind sharp and ready to learn, we recommend taking a cognitive supplement like VitaPQQ-SR, Enhanced VitaPQQ, or CogniQ. They can help boost your brainpower, focus, and concentration, making your learning experience that much more enjoyable.

Have you taken any classes during the shutdown? Let us know in the comments!

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