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Put your pumpkins to good use with these 5 Tips!

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Happy Halloween everyone! October is almost over but it doesn’t mean the pumpkin festivities are. Carving pumpkins isn’t only an October activity – there are many other things you can carve besides a spooky ghost. There are also some yummy pumpkin recipes you can make for Thanksgiving or an afternoon snack. So this weekend have some fun going pumpkin picking and make sure you don’t throw out your decorative pumpkins just yet because you need to try out these 5 pumpkin tips.

  1. Pumpkin greetings. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what better way to greet your guests than with some decorative pumpkins. Just carve some welcome messages on them and set them by your front door. Your guests will feel greeted as soon as they pull in.
  2. Jack-o’-Lantern. It’s Halloween and maybe you just want to stay in and carve some pumpkins. Make sure you purchase the proper tools to carve a pumpkin safely and most importantly be careful. Having trouble thinking of what to carve? Try carving a ‘Q’ for Quality of Life and make sure to share it with us on our social media pages!
  3. Make some soup or any other pumpkin foods. Warm up after a night of trick-or-treating with some pumpkin soup – put your decorative pumpkin to good use! Interested in other pumpkin foods? Try making some pumpkin bread or pumpkin ravioli – right on time for Thanksgiving.
  4. Toast some pumpkin seeds. If you’re carving pumpkins or making some pumpkin foods don’t forget to use the ‘guts’. Pumpkin seeds can actually be a very delicious snack. You can make each batch a different flavor by using whatever seasoning you’d like whether that’s chile powder, cinnamon sugar, or salt and pepper. Check out Bon Appétit for more flavors.
  5. Make a pumpkin face mask. There’s nothing better after a long day than taking a warm bath and throwing a facemask on. Once you’re done carving pumpkins or baking, make sure to use the ‘guts’ to make yourself a pumpkin mask. Just remove the pumpkin seeds from the guts, add honey and olive oil, and throw it in the blender. This mixture is the perfect seasonal mask full of vitamins A and C.

Moving forward make sure to utilize everything your pumpkin has to offer and have a safe Halloween!

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