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QOL Is ISO-Certified!

Quality of Life is now ISO-certified! This is exciting news for those seeking high-quality health supplements. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Quality of Life has received official ISO certification.
  • Our production processes are safe and well-managed
  • Quality of Life products are high-quality and effective for their designated purposes. 

Buy Quality of Life supplements to ensure you get the best health and wellness products on the market.* 

Table of Contents: 

  1. What Does It Mean to Be ISO-Certified?
  2. How We Got ISO-Certified
  3. Building Trust
  4. Ingredient Quality and Transparency
  5. High-Quality Manufacturing Processes
  6. Thorough Product Testing
  7. Choose Quality of Life: Trustworthy Health Products

What Does It Mean to Be ISO-Certified?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. When a company is certified by ISO, it is a stamp of quality assurance and consumer safety. 

ISO is an independent organization that checks for safety, efficacy, and quality in products and services across the globe. 

Their standards are constantly being updated to reflect new technology and industry expectations. 

When a company receives ISO certification, it means that that company is following the best international practices in the industry. 

For Quality of Life, it means that our health supplements do what they are supposed to do and are safe.* 

We want to inform you about Quality of Life’s process of becoming ISO-certified so you can take pride in your purchases. 

The ISO certification process is extensive, and we will explain in detail how it works. 

How We Got ISO-Certified

There are many requirements' companies must meet to become ISO-certified. Many of these are specific to manufacturing processes. 

We recognize that you, as the consumer, want to know the important details. 

It can be helpful to understand the basic building blocks of ISO certification and how Quality of Life meets those standards. 

The framework for becoming ISO-certified includes:

  • A dedicated management team
  • Employee training for quality assurance
  • Documentation of how the company operates
  • Creating a manual for quality control policies
  • Internal evaluation of company procedures
  • Choosing an ISO-certification agency to audit the company
  • Passing the agency’s audit 

By following these steps, high-quality companies with good products, like Quality of Life, can reassure consumers that they are getting their money’s worth. 

Our employees are always hard at work making sure you get the best products and information from us. 

Being ISO-certified is the official sign that we follow the best international industry practices — and that you can trust our products. 

Building Trust 

It is important to us that you trust our company. We want to provide the highest quality of supplement ingredients and educational content for you. 

We chose to take on the extensive ISO certification process to show you that a third party approves our manufacturing processes. 

Your products are safe and made with research-backed ingredients.* 

Trust is the most important part of using health and wellness products. If you cannot trust the quality, safety, and efficacy of something, you should not use it. 

Ingredient Quality and Transparency

One way that we ensure trust between Quality of Life and our customers is by using ingredients rooted in clinical evidence.* 

We link to relevant scientific studies on our product pages so you can see the research for yourself. 

We also include a comprehensive list of all of our supplement ingredients and dosages. 

We even include the dosages used in clinical research to show you that you are getting a therapeutic dose of specific ingredients.* 

Our ingredients are sourced responsibly. We contribute to environmental protection efforts when possible. 

We also make sure our ingredients are highly bioavailable, which means that your body can use them effectively.* 

Some mainstream supplements contain compounds that your body cannot absorb, rendering them useless. 

Most of our supplement ingredients are plant-based and contain herbal extracts used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.* 

These ingredients have been around for a long time, but we harness their powers in the most effective ways according to science.* 

High-Quality Manufacturing Processes

Our manufacturing facility is certified by NSF International. This organization holds companies to strict manufacturing standards for quality and safety. 

We have a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility with plenty of room for all of our products and employees. 

These spaces are clean, safe, and versatile so we can thoroughly follow standards for production and ensure quality. 

We care about the details of our manufacturing processes. 

Each Quality of Life premium health supplement is packaged in bottles designed to protect your products from the elements.

Every time you purchase a Quality of Life supplement, you see the results of our refined manufacturing processes. 

We make sure that your products are protected, safe, and effective during every step. 

Thorough Product Testing

We don’t stop at high-quality manufacturing processes. We ensure your products work and are safe for you to consume using rigorous testing. 

Ingredients are tested in their raw forms before we use them in products. We also test finished products — the supplements that you see in your bottles when you get them. 

Our thorough testing standards ensure your body can properly absorb, use, and make the most of our supplement ingredients. No product is excluded from this process. 

This is why consumers love our premium health supplements. They work because we make sure to test them and uphold high standards for every single bottle we produce. 

Each product needs to withstand the test of time as well. From the manufacturing plant to your doorstep, we ensure your supplements will remain high-quality and effective. 

Choose Quality of Life: Trustworthy Health Products

There are thousands of products on the health and wellness market. Why choose Quality of Life?

With our recent ISO certification, we have added another layer of consumer protection and trust to our company. This is something to celebrate. 

You can trust that our research-based, thoroughly tested, high-quality products will do what we say they will do.* 

When you take Quality of Life supplements, you are supporting your health and well-being with the best available ingredients. * 

Take the guesswork out of health and wellness. Choose Quality of Life for your supplement needs today!

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