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Quality Sunsets Of Our Lives!


The radiant yellow ball of fire gradually turned a deep shade of tangerine and eventually crimson. It merged with the horizon like an orange juice mix dissolving into a glass of pristine water. The migrating birds flew across the scintillating skyline to their homes and the mauve of the dusky sky intensified. The clouds now looked like cotton candy blushing from the warmth of the setting sun.

Thanks to addictive social media these days, most vacations are spent glued to smartphone screens trying to update friends and family on pretty much everything. Be it a soothing summer house café or a thrilling encounter with the Big 5 on a wildlife safari, everything is duly recorded and broadcasted to the world. However, at the end of the day, when the sun casually saunters across the skyline and announces its departure, we can’t help but look away from our phones to unwaveringly gaze at it.

So, why are sunsets different at different places? What are the ingredients for the most beautiful sunsets? Well, instead of looking at some unconvincingly Photoshopped sunset images available online, we thought of asking our very own QOL staff to share some real life experiences!

1) Alex at Beacon, NY:



Located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River, Beacon is known for its proximity to various historic sites and cities. Alex visits this scenic location in order to relax and unwind. Being a true nature lover, he says being close to water gives him immense happiness. He recommends late spring or early summer as the best time to visit Beacon when it starts to get a little warmer and the sun starts to set around 7:30 pm.

2) Amy at Ossining, NY:



Beautifully bordering the widest portion of the Hudson, this little village located in Westchester County is home to various playing fields and a couple of boat clubs. When asked about Ossining, originally known as Sing Sing, Amy smiles while she reminisces her childhood memories. Being her hometown, she has an admirable collection of pictures captured on many such surreal evenings.

3) Angela at Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos:


Grace Bay is one of the most popular beaches at Providenciales located as part of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Angela visited here recently on a vacation and highly recommends it. On being asked what she likes about the place in specific, she grins & says: “Oh, pretty much everything!” Her feet sunken in perfect powdery white sand, she recollects having the most delicious food provided by the most welcoming locals. The water here is crystal clear and the ocean is a gorgeous shade of blue. The best time to visit is April and May, due to fewer crowds. However, the weather is pleasant year-round with average highs in the 80s. Sunset is around 7:30 pm.

4) Breanne at Seaside Heights, New Jersey:



Nestled in a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey is this fun summer destination for youngsters. Breanne was here recently for a weekend getaway and she enjoyed the beachy sunsets. She suggests end of June to early September as the best time to visit and recalls that the sun started setting around 8:55 pm.

5) Casey at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida:



Sunny Isles Beach is a Miami seaside community with an international mix of residents who appreciate its many amenities. Casey gushes about the casual atmosphere at the small beachfront hotels. She advises tourists to go sun bathing and swimming at Haulover Beach Park and kayaking or biking at Oleta River State Park. The best time to visit Miami Beach is between March and May when the sun shines with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s during the day. Aside from the gorgeous weather, a spring visit allows you to sidestep the peak winter rates.

6) Charlie at Ocean Beach, San Diego:


This exquisite beachfront neighborhood lies on the Pacific Ocean at the estuary of the San Diego River. Charlie adores it for the good vibes and its close proximity to great hiking spots. Earlier known as Mussel Beach for the mussels available here, it is also home to a sizeable population of feral parrots. The Ocean Beach Pier sunset looks magnificent. So much so that Charlie calls it “One of his favorite places in the whole world!”

7) Edwin at Great Lawn, Central Park, NY:



This absolutely serene 55 acre plot of land is loaded with lush green grass and just the perfect amount of sunshine. Edwin beams while he calls it an “oasis in the middle of New York City.” Central Park is also known for the various summer stage concerts that it hosts throughout these sunny months allowing people to get some tan lines while swaying to open air eclectic jazz. Sunset varies throughout the year, but in summer it is generally between 7-9pm.

8) Jessica at Playa Potrero, Costa Rica:


Nestled next to Playa Flamingo in the quiet fishing village of Potrero, Playa Potrero is tranquil and serene. This beach is located along the northwest Pacific coast of Guanacaste, surrounded by rolling hills, tropical vegetation and diverse wildlife. Visitors look out onto the gorgeous turquoise waters that stretch over the light sand beaches of the bay area. This beach community is ideal for watching the sun set in all its glory. Travelers who want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life will find Playa Potrero to be the perfect destination. Jessica loved the soft sand and the breathtakingly gorgeous sunset! She says sunset was around 6 pm CST.

9) Joe at Saint Lawrence Gap, Barbados:


As we all know, experiencing the sunset with your loved one is a very romantic and picturesque moment. Barbados is ranked as one of the best Caribbean destinations to watch the sunset and Joe can vouch for it. Virtually, any beach or area on the west or south coast is ideal for watching the sunset. Sunsets usually occur between 6:00pm and 6:30pm in Barbados (depending on the time of the year). The ideal locations in the area are usually beaches, so throwing a picnic basket in the car and setting up camp on the beach as you watch the sunset is not a bad idea. Some beaches worth checking out may be Maxwell Beach, The Boardwalk, Folkestone Park and Freshwater Bay.

10) Ksenya at Sea of Galilee, Israel:



Talking about romantic sunsets, here’s another one worth sharing. Recently, Ksenya took a trip to Israel with her family and had only good things to say about the place. This picture was taken on the Sea of Galilee with her fiancé! She grins cheek to cheek as she recalls how beautiful, calm, and relaxing the evening was. She adds, “The beach was not your regular sandy beach but full of pebbles everywhere. The water was nice and cool full of those little guppies that can treat your skin. So free exfoliation treatment there!”

Now isn’t this what we call: ‘Picture Perfect?”

11) Maccy at Pizzo, Italy:



Maccy had the good fortune of being able to visit family in Calabria in May 2016 and when asked about her experience she shares her happy memories with us. This quaint little town in Southern Italy has two main tourist attractions: the Chiesetta di Piedigrotta, a bizarre cave-chapel on the shore, and the renowned tartufo di Pizzo, a chocolate truffle ice cream. She quips, “Summer is when Italy comes alive with feasts and fireworks on the beach, but I would rather visit in May or September when all the tourists are gone.”

12) Matt in Kalasin, Thailand:


“I’d like to go with this one!” exclaims Matt as he takes a trip down memory lane to his last visit to his wife’s hometown. An avid traveler, explorer and foodie, Matt has a lot of sweet memories attached to this particular Thai sunset. He was eating his favorite dish: Krapow moo Krob (Thai Pork Belly Stir-Fried with Garlic and Thai chillis) by the mesmerizing hues of the hilly skyline. This agricultural province produces a lot of sticky rice and sugar cane. On that sweet note, Matt concludes, "Your body is not a temple: It's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”

13) Kriti at Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Words are never going to be enough to satisfactorily describe a California sunset. This picture was taken in September 2017 at The Lobster Festival at Redondo Beach in LA when the atmosphere was filled with heaps of laughter, the sweet smell of fresh water fish and soft jazz emanating from some of the top musicians in the country. A plethora of food stalls, tarot card readers, crystal ball gazers and henna artists lined up the shore. Talking about the sea, she giggles, “Beaches over mountains any day!” There’s something about palm trees and water that just brings a smile to one’s face. Wouldn’t you agree? The best time to visit would be May to September when the sun shines in all its glory.


We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing it. At QOL, we believe that every sunset has a beautiful memory attached to it. So what’s yours?


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