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Resolution Re-write!


Can you believe that it was only a few weeks ago that we were celebrating the New Year? I know it feels as if it was months ago! 

It is time for a resolution check-in. How is your resolution going? Has it been long forgotten? Surveys have shown that only 10-20% of Americans stick to their New Year’s Resolution. 

If you couldn't stick to your resolution, maybe it wasn't right for you. Sometimes we choose resolutions that are too severe. At QOL, we think January is the trial month for the year. If your original resolution didn't pan out - maybe you should try a different one or make small changes to your original plan. Making a slight adjustment to your original resolution can make it way easier to follow. 

Here are some resolution remakes! 

  1. Was your resolution to cut out junk food, change this to 'cut back on junk food'. Limit yourself to 1-2 treats per week. If you can't have something, you tend to want it more. Allowing yourself to have a few treats will help you not go overboard while also cutting back. Find healthy treats! 
  2. Was your resolution to go to the gym every day? Change that to 'add more activity to my day'. Hitting the gym every day is a challenging feat and might cause more harm than help. Just promise to add some form of extra movement to every day. That could mean going for a walk or taking an extra lap up the stairs. 
  3.  Was your resolution to spend less money or save more money? Rather than trying to go cold turkey on spending, try using a money management app. 
  4. Was your resolution to live life to the fullest? Remember that recharging your battery is still essential. If you try to pack your schedule too much, you will burn out. 
  5. Was your resolution to learn a new hobby or skill? Don't be discouraged if you haven't done this yet; there is still a whole year ahead of us! 
  6. Was your resolution to get organized? Organizational skills don't just come overnight; it is a cognitive behavioral pattern. Try using routines to put organizational behaviors into effect in your life. 

Take some time to check-in and reassess your resolution. We hope this helps you get back on track. 

Did we miss your resolution? Write it in the comments, and we will give you advice on getting it back on track!

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