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A satisfying sex life is beneficial for men’s physical and emotional health. But many factors can affect desire (libido), performance, and endurance. Physical condition, health issues, certain medications, stress, and advancing age are some of the issues that can impact sexual satisfaction. 

Scientific evidence shows 40 to 70 percent of men will have less-than-satisfying sexual experiences in their lifetime. This gets more common with every passing decade.
QOL Satisfide® is a sexual health supplement offering distinct features and benefit over its competitors:

  • Formulated with clinically researched ingredients
  • Contains no stimulants, so it is free of common side effects
  • Enhances all three phases of sexual satisfaction: stimulates desire, improves performance, and increases endurance*
  • Manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered facility

At the core of QOL Satisfide is Virilast®, a proprietary blend of carefully chosen herbal species and plant parts. Virilast boosts stamina, performance, and spontaneity by promoting healthy levels of testosterone and dopamine.*

This patented Ayurvedic complex of seven standardized natural botanical extracts* contains ashwagandha root, asparagus adscendens root, shilajit, curculigo orchioides root, tribulus terrestris fruit, mucuna pruriens seed, and asteracantha longifolia herb. 

What are these Ayurvedic benefits?

  • Ashwagandha (aka withania somnifera) root may increase the production of nitric oxide, resulting in increased circulation.* 
  • Asparagus adscendens (aka safed musali) root contains phytoestrogens that inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which may increase circulating levels of testosterone.* 
  • Shilajit (aka asphaltum) is a traditional aphrodisiac that increases core energy, considered responsible for sexual power and health.* 
  • Curculigo orchioides (aka golden eye grass, xian mao, kali musli) root and Asteracantha longifolia (aka hygrophia) herb both reduce oxidative stress. As a result, they may increase circulation.* 
  • Tribulus terrestris (aka puncture vine) fruit is another herb that is thought to increase nitric oxide production. It also facilitates sexual desire and enhances performance by converting the phytochemical protodioscine to DHEA and possibly by increasing androgens.* 
  • Mucuna pruriens (aka velvet bean) seed contains naturally occurring levodopa (L-dopa), which the body uses to make dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in mood and sexuality. As a result, it enhances sexual desire.* 

*While made by nature, standardized herbal extracts ensure consistent chemistry from batch to batch.

Zinc arginate and copper (in the form of cupric oxide), two essential minerals, complete the formulation. The compound is free of gluten, pesticides, allergens, stimulants, and preservatives. 

The three phases of sexual satisfaction are desire, performance, and endurance. This supplement helps: 

  • Stimulate sexual appetite by promoting healthy levels of testosterone and dopamine;*
  • Enhance male performance by helping produce nitric oxide to support blood flow;*
  • Increase endurance for a better sexual experience.*

Virilast, featured in QOL Satisfide, is a patented herbal sexual health formula clinically validated to benefit adult men aged 21 to 60 with no adverse effects.* It’s another means to manage sexual health and satisfaction in combination with losing weight, addressing stress, ceasing smoking, and eating a healthy diet.

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