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Say Goodbye to Problems in Bed with Satisfide®


Aging takes a toll on the male body—affecting strength and energy levels. Unfortunately, aging can also affect a man's ability to perform in bed, which can negatively affect their relationship with their partner.

Naturally, men would try anything to get back to their prime, especially their libido. The problem is, many of the traditional solutions are either expensive or use synthetic ingredients that may have long-term adverse side effects.

That is why we formulated Satisfide®. Satisfide® is our answer to a man's problems in bed and sexual health in general. *

So, what is Satisfide®? How does it benefit sexual health? What are its key ingredients?

What is Satisfide®?

We describe Satisfide® as a natural supplement designed for men who want to take control of their sexual health and satisfaction. It makes use of an all-natural formula that includes ingredients cited for their sexual health benefits. Because of these ingredients, Satisfide® can support desire, performance, and endurance. *

The ingredients in Satisfide®

Let's have a look at what's inside Satisfide®.

  • Zinc: Zinc is a de-facto mineral for men. Zinc is found mainly in the testes and is critical for the formation of sex hormones and sperm. The mineral is also credited for maintaining a healthy level of testosterone and is a primary supporter of overall sexual health. Several studies link zinc deficiency to low libido, low testosterone, and a slower metabolic rate. *
  • Copper: Copper is here to address the possible side effects of zinc supplementation. Zinc and Copper pass through the same pathway during absorption, so taking zinc supplements might lead to copper deficiency in the long-term. *
  • Virilast Proprietary blend: The blend contains the following ingredients:
    • Withania somnifera: Commonly known as ashwagandha, this herb is an adaptogen or an ingredient capable of balancing stress levels. When the body is stressed out, stress hormone levels are high, which also lowers testosterone levels. Taking an adaptogen like this can help balance stress hormones and testosterone levels. *
    • Asparagus: This vegetable is more than just a healthy food. It contains B vitamins that can improve histamine levels. Proper histamine levels can lead to a healthier sex drive.*
    • Curculigo orchioides: This herb works similarly to asparagus in that research has found it capable of boosting sexual desire while also improving erection.*
    • Tribulus Terrestris: This popular herb has some benefits that improve testosterone but also is a libido booster.
    • Mucuan Pruriens: This ingredient has been cited to help men boost testosterone, especially if these men suffer from low sperm count. It works by blocking enzymes that lower testosterone while supporting enzymes that increase it.
    • Asteracantha longifolia: While the studies about this extract's effect on sexual health are still in the early stages, several researchers suggest it can boost libido, sperm count and even help boost muscle growth.

Taken together, all these ingredients can help a man feel more energetic, be in a better, calmer mood, and have a healthier sex drive!


Sexual health is an essential piece of overall health. Satisfide® is designed to help men have more confidence in bed and in everyday life. It is formulated with a natural cast of herbs and minerals proven by science to help with libido, virility, and energy. *

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