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Seasons of Change

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Scientific studies show the change of seasons affects everything from our moods and metabolism to gene and immune system activity. As we transition from summer to fall, it’s not surprising to feel under the weather.

The primary function of our complex immune system is to prevent and limit infection. Innate immunity, the first line of defense, goes after threats to skin surfaces and mucous membranes. White blood cells called leukocytes look for risks from viruses, bacteria, toxins, and parasites.

Adaptive, or acquired immunity response, are antibodies as a result of prior exposure to illnesses, vaccines, and the environment. That is why we recover more quickly from infections as we progress from childhood to adulthood.

What factors boost immunity? Adequate sleep, regular exercise, and attention to hydration are a given. Proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, moderate drinking, and positive emotions improve cytokines, molecules that work within cells to regulate and affect immune system response.

Follow Mother Nature’s cues. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables; spend time outdoors to soak in the power of sunlight. Try to minimize chronic stress since resulting cortisol hormones can suppress the body’s immune response.  Poor sleep and sleep deprivation affect the body’s circadian rhythm and can disrupt the immune system too. Don’t smoke, avoid infection by frequently washing hands and cooking foods thoroughly.

The immune system can be compromised. Malfunction can occur due to age, obesity, malnutrition, or inherited disease. Being overzealous in keeping a germ-free environment can also reduce the immune system’s effectiveness.

To minimize the effects of colds and flu, one wellness expert suggests:

  1. Take preventative measures year-round. Seventy percent of the immune system resides in gut flora, so help flora flourish by eating fermented foods or taking probiotics. Take 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C daily.
  2. When cold or flu symptoms first begin, boost immunity response with herbs and supplements. Use elderberry lozenges, fresh garlic, vitamin C, andrographis, medicinal mushrooms, and AHCC®.
  3. As full-blown symptoms of weakness and fatigue take over, continue using herbs and supplements. Get nasal and sinus relief by inhaling steam vapor infused with eucalyptus essential oil. Add honey to hot tea to soothe throats. Take zinc for added support.
  4. Enhance recovery and relieve post-illness coughs with honey as an antibacterial in ginger tea. Avoid other ill people and hydrate with lots of water, green tea, and electrolytes.

Sometimes, being under the weather, run-down, or feeling knocked out happens. It may be time to modulate your body’s immune system. Boost resistance and speed recovery with QOL ImmunoComplex®, the only cold weather formula to feature AHCC®.

Three mainstays differentiate this one-of-a-kind formulation from other immunity supplements:

  • AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is a patented, hybridized cultured medicinal Shiitake mushroom extract. Produced under a proprietary manufacturing process, AHCC® is Japan’s top-selling specialty dietary supplement. Backed by 20 human clinical studies, it is used in over 1000 medical clinics worldwide.

AHCC® boosts cytokine activity that manages the immune system and aids white blood cells to defend the body against foreign substances. AHCC® is anti-inflammatory, balances the immune system, and protects healthy individuals during cold and flu season, and in high-risk locations.*

  • AP-Bio™ Andrographis is a proprietary, standardized extract derived from a widely cultivated bitter Ayurvedic herb native to Southeast Asia. AP-Bio Andrographis is 52.7 percent more effective than a placebo in helping the body overcome immune challenges.*
  • Immune-fortifying Vitamins and Minerals. Highly absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals, often deficient in American diets, complete this formula. Each dose includes 400 mg of liposomal-encapsulated vitamin C, 800 IU of vitamin D3, and 24 mg of the mineral zinc as patented methionine-bound OptiZinc® plus 2.4 mg of copper for protection against zinc-induced copper deficiency.*
Welcome the change of seasons with an immunity supplement that will stop colds and sniffles in their tracks and help you feel better fast!

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