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September is Self-Improvement Month!

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Welcome to self-improvement month! Tackling self-improvement can be a daunting task. Many people wish to improve or change certain things about their life but are unsure where to start. At QOL we take self-improvement very seriously – this is why we devised a list of self-improvement ideas that will help you get the ball rolling!  

A great place to start when it comes to self-improvement is by identifying blind spots. What we mean by blind spots are things about ourselves that we are unaware of. Discovering what our blind spots are will help us discover what areas need improvement. One way to identify blind spots is to identify all the things, events, or people that make you feel annoyed, weird or affected throughout the day. After identifying your blind spots – work on steps to address them.

Here are a few great self-improvement ideas:  

  • Start a new fitness regimen – set a fitness goal and devise a plan to achieve that goal! Whether it is weight loss related or maybe you want to run a half marathon. Find ways to hold yourself accountable – spend the money to hire a personal trainer or find a local running or hiking group.
  • Read a book – books can be a great source of insight and wisdom.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – sign up for a class to learn something new. Doing something that scares you is a great way to develop and grow. Try picking up a new language or indulge your creative side with a pottery or painting class!
  • Put down the phone – challenge yourself to put down the phone when you are having meals with friends or family. Sometimes we give too much of our attention to social media, and neglect the relationships that are the most important parts of our lives. One of the best ways to experience personal growth is to foster our relationships.
  • Forgive yourself and others – holding onto anger, blame, or regret will only stall your personal growth. Put your emotions to the side and allow yourself to move on. Harboring anger towards others will only hinder your ability to be happy – dispose of that negative energy ASAP!
  • Create a mood board – seeing your thoughts and goals laid out visually is a great way to inspire yourself and keep yourself on track. Want to take this one step further? Create an inspirational room! Your environment sets the moods and tone for your life – so if you are living in an environment that inspires you it will have influence on your actions.
  • Wake up early – waking up early ca have positive effects on your productivity and quality of life.
  • Quit a bad habit – whether it be nail biting, smoking, being chronically late or oversleeping – try giving up one bad habit.

Finally, reflection is an important part of self-improvement. Take time in September to look back on the progress you have made. Whether you tried a new class or committed to less time on your phone – make sure to celebrate the small successes. Recognize all the things you have going for you in life right now – nothing will make you feel better than reflecting on all your blessings.

We hope this blog inspires you to think about areas in your life that could use some development – and act upon the changes you want to make. Share this blog with your friends and family so they can accomplish their self-improvement goals as well!

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