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Shedding for the Wedding with Oligolean

The big day is coming up, and you want to look and feel your best. 

Whether it’s your own wedding or a loved one’s, you can start “shedding for the wedding” with Oligolean!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how you can start “shedding for the wedding” with Oligolean
  • Find out how Oligolean works with your blood sugar, metabolism, and more to help you manage your weight
  • Learn how taking Oligolean with AHCC® can help you prepare for any wedding

Try Oligolean and AHCC® today to get slim and healthy for your wedding!*

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Look and Feel Your Best During Weddings
  2. Slim Down for the Wedding with Oligolean*
  3. How to Use Oligolean for Weight Management
  4. Don’t Miss the Big Day: Take AHCC® for Immune Health*
  5. Prep for the Wedding with Quality of Life Supplements

How to Look and Feel Your Best During Weddings

No matter who you are in the wedding party — bride, groom, bridesmaid, best man, or guest — you can benefit from some wedding prep. 

Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved. Everyone wants to look fit and healthy. There’s also pressure to feel well enough to attend the wedding itself. 

If you want to look and feel your best during the big day, we have some tips for you. 

With Quality of Life premium health supplements like AHCC® and Oligolean, you can do just that: look and feel your best on the wedding day.

Slim Down for the Wedding with Oligolean*

Oligolean is our premium weight management supplement. When you take Oligolean as directed, you may have a better chance of fitting into your best wedding-day outfit.* 

We formulated Oligolean with two important ingredients: Oligonol® and yerba mate. 

Oligonol® is our existing circulatory health supplement that contains many other health benefits.* 

Oligonol®: Burn Belly Fat and Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar*

Oligonol® serves a few important purposes in Oligolean. 

It helps you burn through abdominal fat — also known as visceral fat — and keep your blood sugar within normal levels.* 

Research has suggested that Oligonol® may work to burn belly fat by reducing levels of cortisol in your body.* 

When you have less circulating cortisol, your body relaxes and doesn’t hold on to abdominal fat as easily.

If you have blood sugar levels that are healthy and normal, Oligonol® may help you maintain them.* 

Blood sugar is key to weight loss and management, making Oligonol® the perfect star ingredient for our weight loss supplement, Oligolean.* 

Yerba Mate: Decrease Appetite and Burn Fat*

Yerba mate has been used for hundreds of years by steeping its leaves for tea. 

Now that modern science has caught up, we can extract yerba mate for our health supplements.

Yerba mate has been shown to decrease hunger and large appetites in some trials.* When you feel less hungry, you tend to eat less: it’s that simple.

Another benefit of yerba mate is its ability to burn through extra body fat.* 

When combined with consistent exercise, yerba mate can increase your body’s energy expenditure, which eats away fat.* 

How to Use Oligolean for Weight Management

You should always take our supplements as directed on the bottle. 

This ensures that you get the most effective results, which is important — especially if you’re prepping for a wedding. 

While Oligolean has many amazing weight management properties, you should still eat a healthy diet and exercise often.* 

Taking Oligolean in combination with healthy lifestyle habits may help you shed extra pounds before the big day.* 

As you take Oligolean, you may notice a decrease in your appetite, fewer feelings of hunger, and increased fat loss.* These are the results you want to see!

It’s never too late to make an effort toward the body shape that you want. Before the wedding, you can burn away extra fat and control your appetite with Oligolean.* 

Don’t Miss the Big Day: Take AHCC® for Immune Health*

Besides weight loss and fitness, there are other things to consider during your wedding preparation. 

Your immune system must be in good shape in order for you to attend and enjoy the wedding. 

That’s where AHCC® supplements come in. We have three premium immune health supplements: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® RX.

What Is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a proprietary mushroom root extract that has been studied in several large institutions around the world.* 

This extract has been shown to improve immunity in many ways.* 

AHCC® can provide the following immune health benefits:

  • Increased resistance to health threats*
  • Optimal macrophage activity*
  • Better T-cell and natural killer cell function*
  • Increased amount and activity of dendritic cells*
  • Stronger immune responses to threats*

With all of these forms of immune protection, you can rest easy knowing you’ll enjoy the big day without contagious health problems.* 

AHCC® Supplement Options

AHCC® Gold is our starter immune health supplement. If you’ve never taken AHCC® before and want to test it out, this is the product for you. 

With 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule, your immune system receives a healthy boost and can function smoothly.* 

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® and is one of our most popular supplements. 

This product gives a bit more of an immune boost for those who regularly face circulating health threats.* 

Finally, AHCC® RX is our extra-strength immune support supplement. 

If you are often exposed to health threats or have weak immune function, this is the supplement you need.* 

Don’t miss out on anyone’s wedding because you feel under the weather. Take AHCC® for immune system support and protection.* 

Prep for the Wedding with Quality of Life Supplements

At Quality of Life, we formulate each supplement with ingredients supported by science and research.* 

We care about your health and well-being, so we only use the highest-quality ingredients available.* 

You can trust that AHCC® and Oligolean can give you the best wedding experience. Shop our supplements today!

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