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The Quality of Life supplements that you know and love are now combined into convenient bundles for you! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Shop our bundles to save money on your favorite Quality of Life supplements
  • Improve your skin and get a natural glow with our Healthy Glow Bundle*
  • Get all of our most popular supplements in the QOL Best Sellers Bundle

Shop our bundles to get the best of all of your favorite QOL supplements.

Table of Contents:

  • Why You Should Bundle and Save
  • Healthy Glow Bundle
  • QOL Best Sellers Bundle

Why You Should Bundle and Save

You likely already know and love some of our premium health supplements. Why not shop our bundles enjoy longer-lasting wellness benefits?

When you buy one of our convenient supplement bundles, you can save money while supporting your well-being. Your health is priceless, but it is always nice to have extra room in your budget!

Quality of Life bundles offer convenience: You get more than just one bottle of supplements. This means you don’t have to restock as often and wait for your supplements to arrive. 

Our supplement bundles make wonderful holiday or birthday gifts for loved ones. You can give the gift of improved health by shopping our bundles and handing them out to your favorite people.

Maybe you are brand-new to Quality of Life and don’t know what to purchase first. Our supplement bundles will allow you to try supplements that you’re interested in and then decide whether to repurchase them. 

No matter your reason for shopping our bundles, you are sure to snag a great deal and enjoy better health!*

Healthy Glow Bundle

Want to look and feel like you are glowing from the inside out? You can achieve this with our Healthy Glow Bundle

The Healthy Glow Bundle contains three of our most popular premium health supplements: Oligoderm™, Melatonin-SR™, and Juvecol®. You can get all three for just $76.87 in this bundle!


Oligoderm™ is our skin rejuvenation supplement. It contains clinically researched skin ingredients to promote skin strengthening, resistance, and beauty.* 

The ingredients in Oligoderm™ work together to support improved circulation throughout your body.* Good circulation nourishes your complexion with oxygen and other important nutrients.* 

Oligoderm™ contains niacinamide, a well-studied skin ingredient that evens skin tone and protects against skin damage.* You might notice anti-aging effects from this ingredient as well.* 

If you want to improve your skin’s strength, texture, and appearance, Oligoderm™ is the way to go!*


Melatonin-SR™ is our premium sleep supplement that promotes restful sleep all night long.* With our slow-release melatonin formula, you can expect to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep for about seven hours.* 

Your body naturally produces melatonin in darkness, but blue light from smartphones and other screens interferes with this process. 

Other melatonin supplements are metabolized by your body quickly — within four hours. Melatonin-SR™’s sustained-release mechanism ensures that you have a steady dose of melatonin in your system throughout the night.* 

Restful sleep helps your skin repair itself and fights against the effects of aging. If you want to wake up with a healthy glow, Melatonin-SR™ can help you.* 


Juvecol® is a complete collagen supplement, which means that it has all the right ingredients to transform your skin for the better.* 

Your skin needs three ingredients to stay firm, strong, and elastic: hyaluronic acid, collagen, and proteoglycans. Juvecol® contains all three of these skin-boosting ingredients.

As you age, you lose collagen and elasticity, which is why supplementing collagen is so important. 

Collagen keeps your skin tight and youthful-looking in your younger years. Hyaluronic acid plumps and cushions your complexion while giving your skin healthy moisture and hydration.

We include proteoglycans in Juvecol® to keep your skin as elastic as possible.* Elasticity helps your skin snap back into shape when it is pulled or tugged. 

Juvecol® strengthens and supports your skin so that you can look younger and glow authentically.*

QOL Best Sellers Bundle

Over the years, Quality of Life has gained the trust and approval of many customers. Our best-selling supplements are popular because they work.*

Our core supplements that consistently rank high in popularity are AHCC® Platinum, Oligonol®, and PureBalance™ Serotonin. 

AHCC® Platinum

AHCC® Platinum is our premium AHCC® supplement. This proprietary blend has shown positive effects on the human immune system in several clinical studies.* 

AHCC® is derived from medicinal mushroom roots. This compound supports and strengthens your immune system so you can successfully fight off health threats all year long.* 

You can expect the following immune health benefits from AHCC®:

  • Strengthens immune resistance*
  • Optimizes natural killer cell activity*
  • Promotes optimal T-cell activity*
  • Increases the number and activity of dendritic cells*
  • Promotes optimal macrophage activity*


When you take AHCC® Platinum daily, you get a steady dose of 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This supplement is one of our best sellers because it promotes a robust immune response. *


Oligonol® enhances your blood circulation throughout your entire body.* This circulatory health supplement pushes oxygen and important nutrients into areas of need.* 

Made from lychee fruit and green tea extract, Oligonol® has wonderful anti-aging effects.* The antioxidants in lychee fruit are believed to fight the signs of aging.* 

Green tea is an energizing compound that might increase endurance and improve athletic performance.* If you are physically active and want to fight fatigue, Oligonol® is the supplement for you.* 

Oligonol® supports skin, hair, and nail health by nourishing them with nutrients in your blood.* This is a full-spectrum general wellness supplement that can improve your body over time.* 

PureBalance™ Serotonin

PureBalance™ Serotonin helps your body create more serotonin molecules using 5-HTP.* This is the chemical building block for serotonin, which cannot cross the blood-brain barrier on its own.

Serotonin is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter that boosts your mood and outlook on life. When you do not have enough serotonin in your brain, your health and mood can suffer. 

Because serotonin plays an important role in regulating your mood, appetite, and sleep habits, you could curb stress-related eating and poor moods with PureBalance™ Serotonin.* 

Feel better and regulate your body’s functions with PureBalance™ Serotonin!*

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