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Show Some Love to Your Employees this Employee Appreciation Day

A successful business is a business that can run smoothly without the owner. The secret? The hard-working employees!

You can say employees are the lifeblood of any successful business, making sure everything is up and running regardless of whether it’s a good year or a bad year for business. Without the humble employee, even the largest and richest companies will falter.

So, what better day to show your appreciation to your amazing employees than Employee Appreciation Day? If you want some quick ideas on how to show your gratitude, read on below!

1. The classic employee of the month award, but better

Everyone already knows the whole “employee of the month” thing, so why not spice things up a bit by making it more fun? Have some fun accolades every month or every quarter like awards for being on time every day, by being more helpful than required, or just by being a really fun person to hang out with. These awards may seem silly, but it goes a long way when it comes to boosting their motivation to work better and more importantly, to work together.

2. Host a lunch out!

Who says there’s no such thing as free lunch? Your hardworking employees deserve free lunch every month, and today’s a good day to do just that. Pass a survey around so people can vote for the restaurant they want to go to or want to order from and set it during a not-so-busy day, preferably a day where they can extend lunch by at least 30 minutes so your employees won’t feel pressured to eat in a hurry.

If lunchtime is too tight, dinner after office hours should answer scheduling issues.

3. Sponsor a mini event

Office events don’t always have to be official. If your workers have something planned over the weekend, offer to sponsor it for them. A good boss is always there when employees need help, and extra cash can always be a good representative in your absence.

If you truly want it official, an office-party ought to do the trick. You can build an entire theme around it too, and maybe ask them to go in costume or have some contests with some silly, yet memorable prizes. This will not just make them feel appreciated, but it will also strengthen their bonds.

4. Give them flexible time or scheduling options

A lot of people in the world are running on flexible time or work-from-home setups. Why not go all-in and show your employees that the only thing you want is good results and have them pick their working hours? They will feel less work-related stress and the only time they’ll really have to come online with everyone else is when you have important meetings or the usual update meetings during the first week of the month.

5. Offer free wellness support

Your employees are hard workers, but their bodies work harder. The last thing you want to have is an employee calling sick and missing work during the most stressful week of your business. Get a head start on their wellbeing by filling the company fridge with healthy drinks or free vitamin capsules or tablets so your employees know you want them in their best and healthiest every day.

You can take it a step further by offering them an opportunity to participate in a monthly office health check-up. Lots of employees don’t have time to visit the doctor, so why not make the doctor come to them?


Good employees deserve to be rewarded and bad employees need to be motivated to become good employees. The best way to do both is show them appreciation either by a simple recognition plaque or by going all out and hosting an actual party for them. Regardless of how you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, your workers will love you for it.

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