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Smell good and stay fresh with Deodorex

If you happen to own a human body - there's one thing we can all agree on. We will all experience a fair share of sweating. This extra moisture is normal, and most people will be ok with it. But, if you notice your sweat to be stinkier than average, it may indicate underlying problems. Luckily, this can be an easy fix, and we created a supplement that can stop your stink at the source!

Skip the embarrassment - we'll explain the mechanics behind sweating and how Deodorex works to fight body odor naturally.

What is Sweat?

Sweat or sweating is the body's natural thermostat, especially when it comes to keeping us cool during the summertime. The primary function of sweat is to protect us from overheating. Sweat comes in the form of a colorless liquid that resembles water and contains salt. This liquid is released from our sweat glands.

A person is born with 2-4 million sweat glands, and male sweat glands are more active than females. Sweating can be induced by hot weather, physical activity, or stressful or anxious events in your life. In women, sweating can also be a symptom of hot flashes.

The Two Types of Sweat

There are two types of sweat: Eccrine and Apocrine.

Eccrine glands secrete the type of sweat that comes from all over your body, especially the palms, soles, and foreheads. This kind of sweat is watery, salty, but odorless. It is usually the sweat you produce when you're exposed to intense heat or when you're doing a challenging workout.

Apocrine glands are located around the groin, breast, and armpits. They are near hair follicles, making them more prone to smelling bad and are heavily associated with a foul odor. When you sweat because you're nervous, this is the type that comes out and explains why you don't exactly smell like flowers when you're stressed out.


3 Sweat Facts

  1. Pure sweat doesn't smell. Sweat itself is odorless, but the bacteria produced by our apocrine glands causes the sweat that comes from our armpits to smell bad. This is because the bacteria on the surface of our skin mix with sweat, creating an odor.
  2. Spicy foods are excellent sweat triggers. Spicy foods contain capsaicin which makes the brain think we are heating up. This induces sweating. Does it help tolerate the spicy food? Not typically, but it depends on how spicy we're talking.
  3. Eating spices and some vegetables may worsen body odor. Foods like garlic, cabbage, onion, shallots, and cumin can contribute to body odor. Unfortunately, for most people, making odors worse.

If you're worried about stinky sweat, you should try Deodorex.

Deodorex contains Champex, a branded form of champignon mushroom. Champignon mushroom has proven in clinical research to neutralize toxic substances found inside our gut, specifically the chemicals known to produce bad odor, such as ammonia, phenol, skatole, and indole. These substances are byproducts of our gut microbes when they decompose our food. When they get absorbed into the bloodstream and excreted through sweat, it will create a bad odor. *

Taking Deodorex with Champex can help lower the levels of putrid substances in the gut and indirectly lower their absorption into our bloodstream. More than cleansing our gut and blood from foul-smelling substances, Deodorex can also reduce fecal odor and even make our breath smell better. *


Sweating is natural, healthy, and part of everyday life. Warm temperatures, stress, or a hard session at the gym can crank this up. If humans didn't sweat, our body wouldn't function properly, but just because we have to sweat doesn't mean we must stink!

If you do experience stinky sweat, it could be an indication of toxic buildup in your gut. Try taking Deodorex to remove these toxins at the source and scale back the embarrassment no matter the season!

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