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Spotlight on Our Immune System


Your immune system is a complex force that keeps you alive.

Your immune system is comprised of white blood cells called leukocytes that reside in the thymus, spleen, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. These cells look for threats from microorganisms. When a threat is found, natural immunity launches an immediate response.

Stress and sleep deprivation can adversely impact immunity. Stress produces cortisol hormones that suppress the body’s immune response. This can lead to an increased risk. Poor sleep can also impact the body and disrupt the immune system.

Positive emotions and a healthy lifestyle boost immunity. Studies show emotions like awe, joy, and wonder have a correlation with more healthy levels of cytokines. Cytokines are molecules that work within cells to regulate and affect immune system response.

Being too clean can be harmful to the immune system. Not all bacteria are bad. Good bacteria provide nutrients and defense against infection. When people become obsessive about keeping their living environments germ-free, the lack of pathogens may reduce the immune system’s effectiveness.

Now that we understand immunity and its importance is there a way to ramp up your body’s natural response to fight that under-the-weather feeling?

Take a fermented mushroom extract, add select vitamins and minerals, and throw in an ancient herb called Andrographis. The result is Immuno Complex®, an immunity booster that increases resistance and speeds up recovery with a three-pillar approach.  

Immuno Complex is fortified with highly absorbable forms of four essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy immune function. The components are:

  1. 400mg vitamin C utilizing Liposomal C for superior absorption
  2. 800 IU vitamin D in the preferred form of vitamin D3
  3. 24mg of zinc in the patented form of methionine-bound Opti-Zinc®
  4. 4mg of copper to protect against a zinc-induced copper deficiency.

Give your immune system the upper hand with Immuno Complex!

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