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Stress Less and Fuel Your Brain

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Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences. In the last few years, the future of our nation, work, and money share equal billing as the most commonly noted sources of stress in daily lives.

Since the Eighties decade, statistics show Americans are increasingly working longer hours and taking fewer vacations. Presently, over 40 percent of Americans regularly work 50+ hours a week. It’s not surprising that chronic stress is the most common health issue in the workplace.

Stress can affect emotions, mood, and behavior. It affects the body’s digestive and cardiovascular systems, expresses as chronic aches and pains, and weakens immunity response. In worse case scenarios, mental health issues and workplace burnout can become real consequences of chronic stress.

Manage your energy to reduce stress and gain life balance.

  • Know your purpose. Engage in positive self-thoughts and empowering affirmations.
  • Maintain healthy habits. Eliminate clutter – physical, emotional, and technical. Eat wisely, drink plenty of water, be physically active, and get enough sleep.
  • Be authentic when expressing thoughts, actions, and deeds to achieve goals you truly want. Learn to say “no” when it is justified.
  • Enjoy and savor today’s achievements. Establish boundaries between work and personal time.
  • Practice gratitude. Write in a journal regularly every few days to increase positivity and put challenges in perspective.

Life is constantly evolving. Do you want to feel less tired, less stressed, and operate with more consistent energy throughout the 9 to 5 workday? If you feel brain-sluggish, suffer from digestive discomfort after a big lunch, or fight the mid-afternoon slump, consider QOL’s Supplements:

Cogni-Q™ improves mild age-related memory problems.* Over 10,000 brain cells die off each day, so it’s not uncommon to forget an appointment date or recall a new person’s name. Levels of the signaling brain chemical, acetylcholine, break down with age. Oxidation from free radicals in the brain further affects memory and cognition.

The active ingredient in Cogni-Q is a unique cultivated extract of Angelica gigas Nakai root. Grown in China, Japan, and Korea, it improves acetylcholine levels in the brain.* Scientific studies confirm Angelica gigas Nakai doesn’t interact adversely with blood pressure, cholesterol, or anxiety medications. Clinical research showed volunteers with mild age-related memory problems had mood improvements and increased ability to carry out daily activities.

This exciting product is in reformulation and coming back online soon! 

Peptisol® improves digestion problems resulting from stress, diets high in processed foods, and sedentary living.* Four out of 10 older adults experience digestive distress because stomach acid used to break down food declines as we age. It’s not possible to eat what one wants without consequence anymore.

The formulation of artichoke leaf, ginger, and GutGard® DGL licorice root relieves occasional pain, bloating, nausea, and uncomfortable feelings of fullness, aka indigestion.* Peptisol also lessens occasional heartburn and promotes daily regularity.*

Serenelle® increases energy and focus by helping the body reduce occasional stress, produce calming brain waves, and improve mood.* Beat the afternoon slump without a caffeinated drink. This quick-acting formulation works in just 40 minutes.

Sensoril®, a proprietary form of Ashwagandha extract, helps the body adapt to stress by balancing hormones – reducing cortisol stress levels while boosting energizing DHEA hormones.* Its other ingredients include Relesse™ lemon balm to improve mood, amino acid L-theanine, and the neurotransmitter PharmaGABA®.  Altogether, this puts the brain in a relaxed state of alertness while producing calming alpha brainwaves.*

Increased productivity, better health, and less stress are possible! Feel your best using the QOL's recommended supplements, clinically proven formulas that sharpen your brain, aid digestion, and improve energy quickly.

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