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Suffering with Cold Hands? This Supplement Can Help

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The harsh winter weather can be cold and brutal, and you probably spend most of it bundled up inside, trying to keep warm. You probably know the feeling of having freezing hands during this season. If your hands and fingers are always extremely cold, this could indicate a problem with your circulation. Luckily, we have an effective supplement to combat this issue.*

Oligonol® Circulation Support

Oligonol® is our premium health supplement that promotes healthy circulation.* Oligonol® has many more benefits to your body, but if you suffer from cold hands in the winter, your circulation is most important.* 


Without proper blood flow, your body has a hard time warming you up in colder temperatures. This is why circulation to your hands, fingers, and toes is so essential. These areas are the farthest from your heart, so they are most likely to be affected by poor blood flow. Cold hands can happen to anyone, even people in excellent health. 


Oligonol® combats this problem and other health issues, making it the perfect circulatory support supplement.* 

How It Helps Your Circulation

Are your hands and feet constantly freezing in the winter? How will Oligonol® solve that? The answer lies in the science behind this natural supplement. 


Oligonol® includes lychee fruit and green tea extract. This supplement has a relaxant effect on your blood vessels.* When your blood vessels open up, they can circulate more blood to all parts of your body. Improved circulation helps push warm blood towards your extremities, preventing them from getting colder in the first place. 


Healthy circulation is also essential because it helps repair cell and tissue damage in your body. Without enough blood flow, your body’s healing mechanisms slow down. Oligonol® supports your immune system by increasing the circulation of healing compounds and delivering them to the sites of damage.*

Immune Support

Along with boosting your circulatory health, Oligonol® also helps your immune system.* Free radicals are harmful compounds in your body that break down cell membranes and healthy tissue. Oligonol® fights against free radical damage because of its antioxidant properties.* 


Antioxidants neutralize the threat of free radicals, allowing your cells and tissues to stay healthy. Free radical damage is one of the leading causes of aging symptoms, so Oligonol® is an effective anti-aging agent.* With healthier cells, your immune system can fight off other health threats more effectively. 

Hair, Skin, and Nail Health 

The benefits of healthy circulation extend beyond your internal health. Your hair, skin, and nails rely on healthy circulation to remain luscious and strong. That means Oligonol® helps your hair, skin, and nails stay healthy and look beautiful, too.*

Circulation Promotes Growth

Your hair and nails grow slowly over time. If you struggle with prolonged hair and nail growth, you know how frustrating it can be. Healthy circulation allows your body to use building blocks for hair and nail proteins to promote growth. The more circulation these areas get, the more growth you will experience. 


Warm hands are a great perk of taking Oligonol®, but this also means your nails will likely grow faster.* The same goes for your hair, and blood flow is beneficial for hair follicles and stimulates faster growth. 

Radiant Skin

Your skin needs blood flow to repair cell damage and maintain a healthy complexion. Oligonol® improves your skin texture, appearance, and health by circulating enough blood to your skin cells.* If you want to achieve radiant, glowing skin, Oligonol® can help by improving your circulation.*


Your skin will receive more nourishment from the increased blood supply, and this helps your skin remain soft, smooth, and vibrant throughout all seasons.


You may notice more color to your face, as well. When your facial skin receives enough blood flow, you get a healthier-looking complexion with more natural pink tones. Overall, Oligonol® is an excellent broad-spectrum beauty supplement.*

Other Health Benefits of Oligonol®

Besides the tremendous benefits to your circulatory system and hair, skin, and nails, Oligonol® is excellent for managing healthy inflammatory responses.* Your immune system produces an inflammatory response when your body is faced with a health threat, and when these responses are overactive or underactive, your health suffers. 


Oligonol® promotes a healthy balance of inflammatory responses and allows your immune system to function properly.* If you struggle with immune health, Oligonol® can be a great supplement to improve this area of your well-being.*


The anti-aging effects of Oligonol® are backed by research.* Free radical damage contributes to many aging symptoms in your body. By fighting against free radical damage using antioxidants, Oligonol® prevents harsh aging.* This makes it a great healthy aging supplement.*


Oligonol® has won the NutrAward for “Top Evidence-Backed Product of the Year,” a prestigious health and wellness award. Many people across the country are pleased with their results from taking Oligonol®. For a simple addition to your daily supplement regimen, you can gain the benefits for your circulation, beauty, and an aging defense. 

Staying Warm in the Winter With Oligonol®

Nobody wants to feel frozen every time they step outside. Oligonol® is a convenient, effective supplement that improves many aspects of your health at once.* You can stay warmer during the colder months while also enjoying the beauty benefits of Oligonol®.*


Oligonol® is a convenient solution to freezing-cold hands and fingers.* All you have to do is take the supplement daily and reap the impressive benefits to your health.* You no longer have to rub hand warmers to stay comfortable during the winter vigorously.


At Quality of Life, we strive to produce natural supplements that benefit your health, beauty, and mood. Our supplements are backed by scientific research and human clinical studies.* All of our products are tested for efficacy and safety. 


Our customer satisfaction is essential to us, and Oligonol® has received glowing reviews. Check out our other supplement lines if you want to add supplements like Oligonol® to your daily regimen. 


You can never go wrong with health improvement! Pick up Oligonol® with your other Quality of Life premium health supplements today. 



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