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The 2 Best Supplements For a Healthy Heart

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Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the people who matter to you and celebrating the love you share. Whether that means a day full of activities with your partner or a girl’s night out (or in), you must remember to take some time to appreciate the most important person in your life: yourself.


If you’re not the kind of person who regularly integrates self-care into your routine, remember that showing yourself some love is so much more than a simple indulgence. Taking care of your emotional and physical health creates the foundation you need to be healthy, happy, and free to do all of the things that bring you joy.


A simple way to improve your well-being is by supporting your heart and taking care of your cardiovascular health. This Valentine’s Day, get inspired by the heart-shaped balloons, cards, and candy, and learn more about our heart-healthy supplements.

1. Oligonol®

When your heart can’t pump blood properly, it leads to poor circulation. Proper blood circulation is not only an indicator of a healthy heart but is also an essential aspect of having a healthy immune system.


Oligonol® is a type of polyphenol developed to enhance circulation. It is derived from lychee fruit and green tea and works to address three aspects of your immune system: circulation, free radicals, and inflammatory response.* The potent antioxidant helps relax blood vessels and works with your body to:


  • Promote healthy circulation*
  • Protect against free radical damage*
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response*


These actions can contribute to additional areas of your health, such as your cardiovascular health, skin, and energy levels. Results and benefits are less visceral (belly) fat, less fatigue, more endurance, and fewer wrinkles and brown spots.


Oligonol® is a daily capsule. You can take this supplement with your meal in the morning. The dosage is one for circulation & fatigue reduction and two for skin health and fat reduction.*


2. Resveratrol-SR™

If you’ve ever toasted with a glass of red wine to your health, you were right! Red wine contains certain antioxidants that, when consumed in moderation, contribute to your heart health. This Valentine’s Day, instead of going in on a bottle of red, consider our alcohol-free alternative: Resveratrol-SR™.


Resveratrol-SR™ is an antioxidant phytonutrient, the same kind that naturally occurs in grapes and red wine. Because resveratrol doesn’t typically stay in the bloodstream for long periods of time, our supplement features MicroActive® Resveratrol. Compared to regular resveratrol, our MicroActive® Resveratrol delivers the antioxidant in a special, micronized, sustained-release matrix, increasing its bioavailability.

The benefits include:


  • A sustained release over twelve hours
  • Consistently elevated blood levels
  • Higher blood levels over a longer time


This antioxidant supports healthy metabolism and optimal blood flow.* These effects combine to produce cardiovascular, brain, and healthy aging benefits.* 


Resveratrol-SR™ is a once-daily capsule that you should take with your meal in the morning. 

Take a Holistic Approach to Your Health

Supplements can be a great addition to your health regimen, but taking a holistic approach is the best way to improve your cardiovascular health. 


To maximize the benefits of any supplements you are taking, you must combine them with a healthy lifestyle by incorporating heart-healthy practices into your routine. Maintain a healthy weight, engage in regular physical activity, and quit smoking!


Many other factors contribute to your cardiovascular health. In addition to regularly taking your heart-healthy supplements and controlling your weight, here are some daily practices that will help improve your cardiovascular health:


  • Getting quality shut-eye
  • Managing your stress (which affects blood pressure)
  • Limiting cholesterol and carb intake (affecting blood pressure and blood glucose levels, respectively)


Even if you don’t have a special someone, Valentine’s Day is still a good day to be kind to your heart. Get your blood pumping, share a laugh with some friends, and take your heart-healthy supplements with a home-cooked meal. Your heart will thank you for it.

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