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Take on Seasonal Health Concerns with AHCC®

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Fall and winter are right around the corner, and with these seasons come health concerns. Immune complications circulate quickly during the colder months and can knock you off your feet if you are not careful.

If you want to stay healthy and protected against seasonal health concerns, take AHCC® daily. Read on to find out how AHCC® can boost your immunity to keep you healthy all year long.* 

Fall and Winter Concerns 

You might be wondering why cold weather triggers more frequent health problems for a lot of people. Fall and winter have colder temperatures than spring and summer. Many foreign immune threats thrive in cold weather, making them stronger and more invasive to your body. 

Colder weather also lowers your immune system’s defenses naturally. Your body has to spend more energy to stay warm and has fewer resources to defend your health. Cold weather can be a recipe for immune system invasions if you do not protect your health. 

People tend to spend more time indoors closer to other people during the cooler months. This scenario makes your immune system vulnerable to catching things from other people. If you spend a lot of time in an office setting, caring for children, or in large crowds, chances are your immune system is working overtime in the fall and winter. 

About AHCC®

AHCC® is a proprietary mushroom root extract with immune-boosting properties.* When you take AHCC®, you’re giving your immune cells extra support and increasing the production of beneficial immune compounds.* 

This medicinal mushroom root (mycelia) extract works wonders for preventing immune damage and fighting off health threats, especially during the fall and winter seasons.* Here’s how AHCC® benefits your immune health.*

Manages Immune Cell Activity*

AHCC® helps certain immune cells do their jobs properly to protect your overall health.* 

Your immune system contains natural killer (NK) cells that are responsible for targeting foreign particles and destroying them. These cells are essential for getting rid of health threats that enter your body. AHCC® boosts NK cell activity to keep your immune system free of foreign threats.* 

It also manages T-cell activity.* T-cells identify and mark specific threats that your body has encountered before so that other immune cells can destroy them. Without T-cells, your body would have to work hard every time the same invader entered your system. 

AHCC® maintains T-cell activity so your immune system can efficiently eliminate health threats.* 

Increases Dendritic Cell Production*

Dendritic cells help your body recognize threats by transporting them and showing them to immune cells. AHCC® boosts the production of dendritic cells, giving your system more to work with.* This beneficial mushroom root extract also increases the activity of dendritic cells so your immune system functions more efficiently.*

Boosts Macrophage Activity*

Macrophages are known for “eating” dangerous particles and destroying abnormal cells. These are key for your immune system to get rid of inefficient, damaged, and dangerous cells. 

When immune cells become unhealthy or no longer work properly, macrophages help to get rid of them as waste material. AHCC® promotes optimal macrophage activity, which helps “clean” your immune system and keeps things working smoothly.* 

Strengthens Your Immune Response*

Overall, AHCC® strengthens your body’s resistance to health threats and foreign particles.* You need a strong immune response to keep yourself healthy during seasons of circulating health concerns. With AHCC®, you can keep your immune health in top shape.* 

Our AHCC® Supplements

You have options when it comes to taking AHCC® for immune health. We offer three premium immune support supplements: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx. 

Each supplement contains the same star ingredient in different doses to meet your specific health needs. You can choose your AHCC® supplements based on your health concerns and preferences.

AHCC® Gold

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This is our starter AHCC® dose. AHCC® Gold is perfect for people who have never tried AHCC® and want to start boosting their immune health.* If you have low exposure to health threats or are new to AHCC® supplements, choose AHCC® Gold. 

AHCC® Platinum

AHCC® Platinum is our medium-strength AHCC® supplement. Each capsule contains 750 milligrams of AHCC®. 

People who have been taking AHCC® Gold for a while and are regularly exposed to health threats should consider taking AHCC® Platinum daily. This more advanced AHCC® supplement will protect your immune health and advance your AHCC® journey.* 


AHCC® Rx is our strongest AHCC® immune health supplement.* This option is for people who have numerous health concerns or are in close contact with others suffering from health concerns. 

One 300-milligram softgel of AHCC® Rx is equivalent to one 500-milligram regular AHCC® capsule. This makes AHCC® Rx the most concentrated and effective dose for boosting your immune system.*

Beneficial for Everyone

AHCC® supplements are vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and magnesium stearate-free. We keep harmful chemicals and sensitive ingredients out of your health supplements. We understand that many people have dietary restrictions, and everyone deserves to have good immune health. 

The main ingredient in AHCC® is derived from mushroom roots, but the supplement has not shown adverse reactions in people with mushroom sensitivities.* (Mushroom spores are typically the reason for sensitivities and reactions.) You should always consult your doctor before starting a new health supplement.

Protect Your Health This Season with AHCC® Supplements*

You don’t need to suffer from health concerns this fall and winter. With our AHCC® supplements, you can protect and boost your immune system with natural, evidence-based ingredients.* AHCC® has shown positive results for participants’ health in human clinical studies.* 

All of our supplements are formulated with ingredients supported by science and research.* We only use compounds that have been studied in human and animal clinical trials for efficacy and safety.* You can trust that you are getting the highest quality supplements from Quality of Life.* 

If you want to take a natural, convenient path to better immune health, pick up some AHCC® today.*

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