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The 5 Best Natural Remedies for Seasonal Discomforts


For most people, the changing seasons signal a time to finally start wearing t-shirts and flip flops again after what seemed to be a long winter. However, some of us are just not cut out for the transitional period due to seasonal discomforts.

When we say seasonal discomforts, we mean how our body sometimes overreacts to environmental changes, especially during Spring when pollen is spread throughout the air or if we encounter a cloud of dust.

The result? Runny nose, watery eyes, and uncomfortable breathing.

There are many ways to instantly feel relief and the most popular ones are all about buying OTC medications. But, before you go out and spend some cash on a small vial of temporary relief, you should first see if these 5 natural remedies for seasonal discomforts work.

1.   Bromelain

This is an enzyme found in pineapples and often extracted into supplement form. It’s commonly used to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, but experts suggest it also helps with respiratory distress and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

2.   Honey

Traditional medicine states consuming honey can help the body get used to the pollen bees collect in your area. It seems far fetched, but this 2013 study concluded honey consumption helped with seasonal discomforts. The researchers concluded:

“We found that the ingestion of a high dose of honey had a significant complementary effect in improving the overall symptoms in [seasonal discomfort] patients compared to the placebo. The result indicates that honey could serve as a complementary therapy for [seasonal discomfort].”

3.   Quercetin

Quercetin is a favorite supplement due to its high antioxidant activity. It’s also been cited to help the body not overreact to environmental particles that may trigger symptoms of  seasonal discomfort. It’s naturally found in broccoli, green tea, citrus fruits, and cauliflower as well as popularly available in supplement form.

4.   Stinging nettle

A common healing herb, stinging nettle has been cited to provide relief in people who have problems adapting to changing weather, especially with symptoms related to our nose. We quote:

“The current study shows certain positive effects of Nettle in the management of [seasonal discomforts] on controlling the symptoms…”

5.   Butterbur

A marsh plant, butterbur is found throughout Europe and in some parts of Asia and North America. Some studies suggest butterbur may be effective against seasonal discomforts, especially when it comes to symptoms that target our head and nasal passages.

Why you should try Allerfin®

You can get all those natural remedies we listed and try them one by one, or you can just get Allerfin®. Allerfin® combines not one, not two, but three powerful ingredients that offer relief for those who just can’t adapt to changing seasons. *

Allerfin contains Quercetin, Bromelain, and a proprietary blend called Allerinol. Allerinol is known to help the body produce a much more positive inflammatory response to environmental particles. This not only relieves you of your seasonal discomforts, it also helps with long-term resistance to said discomforts. *


For seasonal discomfort, a lot of cures can be found in nature and they offer the benefits of not having any long-term side effects because they’re natural. Allerfin® is not like any OTC medication for seasonal discomfort because its formula consists of three unique ingredients cited for their benefits to those who have problems with changing seasons. Getting Allerfin® is like buying three of the most potent ingredients for relief in one convenient package, and it will be all you’ll ever need.

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