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The All-Natural Secret to PMS Relief: Vitex*


Premenstrual syndrome takes its toll on millions of women. Banish your PMS woes with Vitex, an all-natural approach to menstrual symptom relief.*

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn all about how to banish PMS symptoms with Vitex.*
  • Find out how chasteberry extract helps balance sex hormones to provide PMS relief.*
  • Learn how PureBalance™ PMS can make your worst PMS symptoms go away quickly.*

Use PureBalance™ PMS to get the hormonal balance and PMS relief you’ve been looking for!*

Table of Contents:

  1. How PMS Can Impair Your Life
  2. Vitex: Chasteberry Extract for Hormonal Balance*
  3. PureBalance™ PMS: Harnessing the Power of Vitex and Other Beneficial Ingredients*
  4. What to Expect After Taking PureBalance™ PMS
  5. Why Natural PMS Symptom Relief Is Important
  6. Use PureBalance™ PMS with Vitex for Natural PMS Relief*

How PMS Can Impair Your Life

PMS, which stands for “premenstrual syndrome,” refers to a group of symptoms that occur around the time of your monthly period. For many women, PMS starts as early as two weeks before their period.

Experiencing the symptoms of PMS can be uncomfortable at best and debilitating at worst. These symptoms can extend into your period, causing horrid cramps, bloating, swelling, and other uncomfortable problems.

The female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, fluctuate around your “time of the month.” As you get closer to your period, these hormones can cause weird body sensations and emotional challenges.

Some women have to miss work or school because of overwhelming PMS symptoms. Some of the most common problems with PMS include:

  • Excessive bloating
  • Water retention
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Breast tenderness and uncomfortable fullness
  • Swelling
  • Painful cramps
  • Backaches
  • Headaches
  • Skin changes

These symptoms are awful to deal with, and there are many proposed remedies for them. Vitex is the best all-natural solution for unpleasant PMS symptoms.*

Vitex: Chasteberry Extract for Hormonal Balance*

Vitex is one of the ingredients in our newest premium supplement, PureBalance™ PMS. This ingredient comes from chasteberry, the fruit on chaste tree plants.

Prolactin is a hormone that often increases throughout your body near your menstruation date. Researchers believe that excess prolactin is what causes discomfort and PMS.

Vitex has been shown to delay the release of prolactin during certain stages of your menstrual cycle.* This means Vitex assists with relieving the worst of PMS symptoms and increasing your comfort during your cycle.*

By delaying prolactin release, Vitex also helps balance estrogen and progesterone.* These two important sex hormones can make or break your quality of life, especially if you struggle with harsh PMS symptoms.

Many solutions for PMS involve unnatural drugs and chemicals. Vitex is an all-natural alternative that helps relieve your pain and discomfort so you can enjoy your life all throughout the month.*

PureBalance™ PMS: Harnessing the Power of Vitex and Other Beneficial Ingredients*

PureBalance™ PMS contains an effective dose of Vitex to help with uncomfortable PMS symptoms.* Along with other helpful ingredients, like ginger and saffron powder, this supplement can help you manage some of your worst cycle symptoms.*

If you’re in your reproductive years, you know how much of a hassle your periods can be. Not only do you experience unpleasant PMS symptoms, but you also have to deal with period management.

By incorporating PureBalance™ PMS into your daily routine, you may have a more pleasant menstrual experience each month.* Without the worst of your PMS symptoms, you can accomplish and enjoy more than ever before.

What to Expect After Taking PureBalance™ PMS

Many supplements that target PMS symptoms take several months to work — if they ever do. PureBalance™ PMS is formulated to start working within 48 hours to relieve period cramps.*

After taking PureBalance™ PMS for one menstrual cycle (four weeks), you may notice relief from mood swings and irritability.* This is thanks to the saffron powder we include in the formulation, which is a natural mood stabilizer.*

Within 12 weeks of consistent use of PureBalance™ PMS, many of the cumbersome PMS symptoms will start to fade away.*

Problems like breast tenderness and fullness, bloating, headaches, and anger will no longer rule your life throughout your menstrual cycle.*

Why Natural PMS Symptom Relief Is Important

Many over-the-counter medications are claimed to target PMS symptoms. However, many people look for all-natural relief to protect their health and well-being.

There are several benefits to using Vitex (PureBalance™ PMS) to overcome PMS symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about this natural symptom reliever.*

Medications and Their Side Effects

Many pharmaceutical drugs that claim to relieve PMS symptoms have unpleasant side effects. These effects can range from simple sensations like nausea to extreme pain and discomfort.

Natural PMS symptom relief with Vitex doesn’t come with the harsh side effects that some medications do.* Instead, you can enjoy fast-acting relief and go about your daily activities as normal.

Vitex Is Backed by Clinical Studies

As more people move toward all-natural health solutions, it’s important to note which are backed by clinical research. At Quality of Life, we only use formulations that have been beneficial in human clinical studies.*

Vitex is a research-based ingredient shown to relieve debilitating PMS symptoms.* In one clinical study, women who took therapeutic doses of Vitex for three consecutive menstrual cycles experienced greater relief.*

The following symptoms were relieved by Vitex:

  • Breast tenderness*
  • Breast fullness*
  • Headaches*
  • Anger*
  • Bloating*
  • Irritability*
  • Mood swings*

These are often the most painful and uncomfortable symptoms for women during their menstrual cycles. If you want to experience the best natural relief for PMS, PureBalance™ PMS with Vitex is the way to go.*

Use PureBalance™ PMS With Vitex for Natural PMS Relief*

Your symptoms don’t have to take over your life every month. With PureBalance™ PMS, you can get the all-natural, fast-acting relief Vitex offers women in their reproductive years.*

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