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The Benefits of Tree Planting and How to Do It


If there was one thing that can represent Mother Nature, it would have to be a tree. The first thing you think about when you see a tree is “Nature, “oxygen,” and greenery. And to be honest, trees are just great. You can never have too many of them nowadays, especially now that trees are slowly being replaced by buildings and other man-made structures.

For this National Love A Tree Day, do yourself and the rest of the world a huge favor by planting your own tree. Not only will you give the world more greenery, but a tree can also benefit the health of those around it.

The Benefits of Tree Planting

1.    Higher Quality Air

Without a doubt, trees are not just healthy for the environment, but for our body too. Trees help produce oxygen which helps sustain life on Earth.

2.    Helps Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and one factor why we have such extreme weather conditions that seem to worsen each year. If we plant more trees, we can help reduce the effects of greenhouse gases, buying human civilization more time to solve our greenhouse gas issues.

3.    You’re Building a Home for Animals

If nothing else, trees will at least benefit the animals around us. They need trees for shelter, food, and sometimes a way to escape danger.

Planting Your Own Tree is Easy!

Tree planting can be broken down into 8 small steps:

  1. Get seeds from a mature tree that is native to your area.
  2. Loosen a patch of soil by hand and sprinkle the seeds.
  3. Cover the seeds with dried leaves and then some water.
  4. Let them sprout which can take a few weeks.
  5. Pluck them from where you planted them, then put them in clean water.
  6. Prepare a tube that will be the base of your tree. Fill this tube with fertile soil. Poke a hole and insert the seedlings.
  7. This part is the long part: Wait patiently for about 6 months.
  8. Make sure you regularly weed and water your baby tree and keep it near the shade.
  9. After 6 months, your tree is ready to be planted. Make sure it’s placed in a location with room to grow and for its roots to dig the ground and spread.
  10. Refill the hole and mulch or cover the soil with litter and leaves. And you’re done!


Tree planting should be experienced by every person at least once in their lifetime. Not only does it teach them to give back to Mother Nature, it also helps provide a sustainable resource for future generations. If it’s your first time planting a tree, then there’s no better day to do it than National Love A Tree Day.

Not only will planting trees benefit the Earth, but it will also benefit the people around you. It can also benefit your health, especially since trees can help provide clean air.

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