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The Best Apps for your Wellness Journey

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In a world where picking up our smartphones is just as important as putting on clothes, there seems to be an app for almost everything. Once upon a time, our health and wellness journeys were an arduous path that we had to tread alone. However, with the sophisticated rise of tech, there are now plenty of cutting-edge IOS and Android apps that can help you get the very best out of improving your body and overall health.

My Fitness Pal

One of the best food tracking apps on the block, MyFitnessPal, is home to a custom food diary that you can curate. It uses an easy-to-use database that offers dietary information for millions of foods. From restaurant meals to branded products, MyFitnessPal provides a comprehensive and detailed view of what you're eating, helping you on your journey to either lose weight or build muscle.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. Millions of studies have shown that optimum mental health can provide a boost in energy levels and immunity. Headspace is an app that offers a range of mini guided meditation sessions, helping you sleep, manage stress, relieve anxiety, and improve overall happiness.


Why bother planning for fitness without Fitplan? If you want to have a celebrity personal trainer without the celebrity price tag, then look no further. Offering step-by-step training from professional trainers and athletes, from A-Rod to Ryan Lochte, Fitplan is home to a variety of plans that you can base on your fitness goals.


Sleep is one of the magic ingredients to helping you stay in good health throughout your life. Research has shown that a restful night's sleep balances your homes, restores vitality, repairs heart, and blood vessels, maintains your blood sugar levels, and much more. One of the most accurate sleep and activity trackers on the market, the Oura Ring and App measures the physiological signs of your body, understands your lifestyle, and tracks the quality of your sleep.


With gyms closed down across the world, several gym bunnies are aching to get back on the treadmill or in the Zumba studio. Offering 30 new classes each week, and home to more than 2,500 classes, Aaptiv provides the unique experience of a boutique fitness class in the comfort of your own home. From running and strength training to yoga and pilates, Aaptiv has got it all.


Not strictly a fitness app, however, Spotify's workout playlists can turn your sluggish exercise session into a sensationally sweaty extravaganza. Whether you want to shake it like Shakira or bust a move like Beyoncé, there are several amazing playlists from various genres and decades that will transform your daily workout. Whether you choose Spotify's workout mixes, blast a fellow user's, or create your own, there is a workout mixtape waiting for you.


Educate yourself with Fooducate. Helping you eat a balanced and healthy diet, Fooducate teaches you about the nutritional information of several products you regularly purchase. With a library of over 250,000 products, simply scan the barcode on your product to see a personalized nutrition grade, where you can learn about the pros and cons of each product and choose the healthiest option for you.


Skip the gym and plan your workout with 8Fit. Offering customizable exercise programs and meal plans, 8Fit allows you to design a tailor-made fitness regime that will help you keep in shape, without taking up too much of your time and being kind to your wallet.


Stay happy with Happify. As stress has been linked to the six leading causes of death, Happify builds on an extensive library of mental health research to help users overcome stress, negativity, and worries. By using Happify, users can improve their emotional health and build resilience against the stresses and strains of everyday life.


In the age we are living through today, everyone is thinking twice about running to the doctor. However, when you're feeling a strange ache or pain, turning to Google may spread misinformation and inaccuracy. Using HealthTap, pose your health-related question to an extensive database of recognized physicians to receive genuine medical advice. HealthTap connects patients with doctors and allows patients to receive real and actionable advice without visiting the doctor's office.

We hope you can find these apps helpful on your wellness journey. Do you currently use any health or wellness apps? Let us know in the comments!

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