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The 4 Best Supplements for Summer According to Experts at QOL

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As summer approaches, it’s time to add to your supplement routine. Your body has different needs in the summertime, so including new supplements can benefit your health. 

Our premium health supplements are designed to enhance your body and improve your quality of life.* Here are the summer supplements the experts at Quality of LIfe recommend.

1. AHCC® Kinoko® Platinum

Your immune system relies on healthy immune cells to function properly. During the summer, you’ll be around large groups of people at parties and gatherings. 

If you want to fight against health threats this summer, take AHCC® Platinum for immune support.* This supplement contains a patented ingredient that boosts immune health and supports your body’s defenses so you can enjoy a healthy, happy summer.* 

What Is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a patented blend of medicinal mushroom roots.* Otherwise known as mycelia, these mushroom roots contain lots of healing properties and have been used for hundreds of years.* 

Large research institutions around the world have conducted studies on the ability of AHCC® to improve humans’ immune systems.* These studies have shown overwhelmingly positive outcomes.*

AHCC® helps your immune system regulate healthy cell production and functions.* When your body faces health threats, AHCC® helps its defenses rise to the challenge so that your health stays protected.* Many people with mushroom sensitivities have taken AHCC® supplements with no problems.* 

What AHCC® Does for Your Immune System 

AHCC® has many functions in your body. It increases the number of beneficial immune cells like dendritic cells, cytokines, and natural killer cells.* It also regulates the functions of these cells to help your immune system properly identify and remove health threats.* 

During the summer, your immune system faces a lot of foreign threats that it needs to be able to handle. When you take AHCC® as directed, you give your immune system the added boost it needs to keep you healthy and feeling well.* Take AHCC® Platinum this summer for optimal health so you can stay active and social.*

2. Oligonol®

Oligonol® is our premium circulatory health and anti-aging supplement.* This supplement helps fight against free radical damage, which contributes to aging.* In addition, it also promotes healthy blood flow to give all parts of your body proper circulation.* This is essential for heart health and effective immune responses.* 

Healthy Inflammatory Responses*

Oligonol® helps your body generate a balanced inflammatory response to health threats.* When your inflammatory responses are overactive, they can do more harm than good. Inflammatory responses that are too strong can cause too many free radicals to enter your body’s tissues and cause health problems. 

Anti-Aging Properties*

Free radicals are molecules that damage healthy tissues in your body. As you get older, free radical damage contributes to signs of aging. Oligonol® acts as an antioxidant to neutralize free radical molecules and protect your tissues.* This boosts your immune health and helps your body fight off health threats.* 

Boosts Circulation*

Oligonol® helps relax your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through them.* This is very important for good circulation, as your body relies on blood flow to heal and stay healthy. Oligonol® promotes healthy circulation to all areas of your body, supporting your body’s ability to heal injuries and reduce blood pressure.* 

The circulatory benefits of Oligonol® help protect against cold hands and feet.* If you frequently struggle with coldness in your extremities, Oligonol® can help.* Oligonol® helps correct poor circulation and, in combination with other healthy habits, can give you a better quality of life.* 

3. Cartiflex®

Summertime brings more physical activity than any other season. When you get older, it can be harder to keep up with loved ones and stay active. Cartiflex® is our premium joint health supplement that supports flexibility, mobility, and pain-free movement.* If you suffer from joint pain, Cartiflex® can help.* 

Cartiflex® helps reinforce the structure of your joint cartilage.* We add a patented form of collagen that has the same structure as your joints’ natural cartilage.* This may help your joints absorb impact without discomfort.* When your cartilage is strong, you have more mobility and are able to stay active without extreme pain. 

Sports, swimming, keeping up with kids, and other summer activities require your body to stay in motion. With Cartiflex®, you can protect your joints and strengthen your cartilage so you can enjoy all of the fun summer activities you have planned.* 

4. Deodorex®

During the summer, people sweat a lot out in the heat. Deodorex® works to detoxify your blood and get rid of odor-causing chemicals.* Certain toxins can cause bad breath, body odor, flatulence, and excessive sweating. With Deodorex®, you can reduce body odor by up to 60% to combat smelly summer sweat.* 

Ammonia is one of the chemicals that build up in your blood and cause bad odors. Deodorex® purifies your blood to get rid of excess ammonia, which reduces general bad body odors.* This supplement also supports good kidney health and healthy uric acid levels.* 

If you want to spend your summer outdoors without being self-conscious about your smell, try Deodorex® to combat bad body odor.* This natural supplement supports your overall health and detoxes harmful chemicals from your system.* You no longer have to carry around bad breath and embarrassing body odor.

Summer Health Supplements from Quality of Life

At Quality of Life, we use natural ingredients to support your health through research-based supplements.* You can trust that you’re getting the highest quality ingredients that are supported by clinical trials.* As summer grows near, consider Quality of Life health supplements to improve your summer experience.

Whether you want to boost your immune system, maintain good circulation, or get rid of bad body odors, Quality of Life has you covered.* You can even subscribe and save 10% on any of our premium health supplements. This way, you get regular deliveries of supplements that boost your health and performance in everyday life.* 

Don’t wait to improve your health. Enjoy this summer with your loved ones without worrying about health concerns. Pick up your Quality of Life health supplements today!

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