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The Perfect Routine To Help Boost Your Immune System: AHCC®


AHCC® is a mushroom extract that descends from the Basidiomycete class, the most famous of which being the Shiitake mushroom. The mushroom product's nutritional content is quite different from just eating a functional food like a Shiitake; the product was engineered and designed to maximize the amount of polysaccharides or alpha-glucans. These fascinating and promising compounds are thought by scientists to have a role in promoting important types of biological activity that support immune health. This was discovered through many placebo-controlled trials on healthy volunteers, and also using mouse models and animal models.

In Asia, this compound is more mainstream than in the United States currently due to a longer use of mushrooms and herbal medicine in general compared to the United States’ history of what is known as Western medicine. 
Many people are searching for ways to boost their immune systems, especially given the tragic health crisis that is unfolding. Unfortunately, many may not have had a lifestyle conducive to promoting health, immunity, and wellness, and are now scrambling to find ways to rectify the imbalance. 

The first thing you should know is this: the cornerstone of health, immunity, and wellness is a healthy diet and lifestyle, including regular exercise. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other elective options are not considered cures or medicines.They are considered helpful as they act synergistically with the diet and exercise your body needs to boost your immune system and improve overall health. There is no one blanket answer for immunity. However, many of the veterans of the supplement community have been using certain supplements and elements of their routine to help support a healthy immune response system!

The world of supplements and integrative medicine can be hard to navigate, especially with the higher-than-ever interest in immunity supplements. Everyone says their product is the best at promoting immunity, but most people can’t offer very convincing evidence. One of the unfortunate effects of being regulated as a low-dose supplementation rather than prescription medication is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not necessarily verify the veracity of the content and claims made by those selling all of these apparently fantastic supplements. 

How Should I Pick An Immune Supplement?

Well, there are several ways you could go about it. You could see which supplement has the flashiest ads. You could see who has the prettiest actors in their commercials. Or, you could pick the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement. In the supplement community, going to this extent to make sure a product works is far and few.

AHCC® helps activate immune function, and is an immunomodulatory substance that is used in thousands of medical clinics worldwide.* Many respected medical institutions, including the Yale School of Medicine, MD Anderson, and UC Davis. In Japan, it's the top-selling immune-supporting dietary supplement. The other thing is this: AHCC® is not some new-fangled trend where no one knows how it's going to affect you. Those who swear by it have been taking it for decades. It’s been shown to have a promising safety profile and has been in regular use for over 20 years. 

How AHCC® Work?

AHCC® is a biological response modifier and stimulates the activity of the body's white blood cells, which are critical to immune function.* 
AHCC® has been shown to:
  •       Increase T cell levels by up to 200%. *These are the second line of defense. These cells provide reinforcements to the NK cells when they are overwhelmed by particularly strong or aggressive pathogens.
  •       Increase Macrophage Count.* In some cases, AHCC® even doubled them to twice their previous levels. Macrophages are another fundamental component of the immune system. They provide a critical logistical function in the immune system by ingesting or overcoming foreign particles, viruses, and cellular debris that can be harmful to the body's systems.
  •       Increase the Production of Cytokines.* Cytokines are another logistical heavyweight of the body's complicated immune system response. These cells are essentially chemical messengers that assist the white blood cells in relaying messages between one another and coordinating more comprehensive cellular activity in the objective of confronting external pathogens. 
  •       Boost the Number of Dendritic Cells.* Dendritic cells provide the defense for the immune system against portions of the body exposed directly to the exterior environment. This vital immune function is critical to keeping what is in the external environment outside of the body!

 Get the Best AHCC® with Quality Of Life’s AHCC® Rx!

AHCC® Rx features a more potent grade of AHCC®, called AHCC® FD. AHCC® FD is almost two times more powerful than regular AHCC®. Make sure if you switch to this formula that you adjust your dosage accordingly. Consulting with a healthcare provider is the best way to ensure your dosing is correct when you switch to a stronger version of a supplement. 

Need Other Immune Supplements? Get Ready for the Cold Fall Season!

Everyone knows that when you’re home feeling unwell, vitamin C is a common go-to for some help in recovery. Quality of Life Labs is one of the most sophisticated and advanced labs producing high-quality supplements that you and your family can trust. With vitamin C’s solubility in water, it can sometimes pass right through your body without actually being absorbed and used, which is why Quality Of Life developed Advazorb Vitamin C, PureWay-C®.

This formulation of vitamin C is absorbed more rapidly and is retained at levels up to twice as high as regular vitamin C. If you’re feeling under the weather, this is a must-have in the home medicine cabinet. PureWay-C® combines vitamin C with active lipid metabolites, helping the body to absorb vitamin C at a more effective rate,  also allowing for a greater rate of retention.* Research conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that a single oral dose of PureWay-C® versus standard vitamin C kept blood levels of vitamin C higher for a full 24 hours. The Quality of Life Formulation enters the immune system faster and more effectively, thus allowing the vitamin c to actually do its job to help your immunity instead of being washed out before it even had a chance to be absorbed!*

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Medically reviewed by Jaime Salas Rushford

Written by Quality of Life – Updated on September 9 , 2022.

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