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The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms: What They Can Do for Your Health

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We’re celebrating Mushrooms all week at Quality of Life leading up to National Mushroom Day on October 15th! Today, we want to share the amazing benefits that mushrooms have for your mind and body, and help you learn about the different types of mushrooms and what they can do for your health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the types of medicinal mushrooms and what they can do to improve your health
  • Take AHCC® medicinal mushroom-based supplements to boost your immune system* 
  • Use Deodorex®’s medicinal mushroom extract to beat bad body odor and detox your system* 

Many of our supplements at Quality of Life feature medicinal mushrooms, which can improve your overall health and well-being.* 

Table of Contents:

  • Health-Boosting Mushroom Species
  • Medicinal Mushrooms in Ancient Medicine
  • AHCC®: Medicinal Mushroom Supplements
  • Neutralize Body Odor with Deodorex®*
  • Take Mushroom Supplements to Support Your Health

The Mushrooms That Boost Your Health and Wellness

Did you know there are thousands of different mushroom species that can be found around the world? That can certainly make it overwhelming to know which ones have the greatest benefits and for which purposes. This is especially true because these fungi have a variety of purposes in nature. Medicinal mushrooms, however, are the most beneficial for humans. 

Lion’s mane brain-boosting mushrooms promote cognitive function and neurological protection.* These medicinal mushrooms have a protective effect on the neurons in your brain. 

Cordyceps mushrooms, also known as “caterpillar fungus,” are known to boost energy and lung health.* This species has been shown to increase the production of ATP, which acts as your body’s main source of energy.*

Turkey tail mushrooms protect your immune health.* They increase the number of immune cells that are available to help defend your body against foreign health threats.* 

Shiitake mushrooms are often used in cooking. These mushrooms support your cardiovascular health by improving your cholesterol levels.* 

These are just a few of the medicinal mushrooms found in nature, and ones with important health purposes! When you take supplements that contain medicinal mushroom extracts, your body and mind remain protected.*

A History of Medicinal Mushrooms in Ancient Medicine 

Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations used to formulate medicine with medicinal mushrooms. And for good reason! Mushrooms have been used to heal the human body for centuries.

Medicinal mushrooms contain many regulating compounds, like those that regulate a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

Mushrooms can also boost your immune system to help fight off health threats.* By simply including types of medicinal mushrooms in your everyday diet, you could be doing wonders to support your immune health.* 

Free radicals are damaging molecules that attack healthy tissues and cells in your body. Medicinal mushrooms have been used as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals since ancient times.* 

The antioxidant properties of medicinal mushrooms also support better brain health, including cognition, memory, and mood.* They work to combat brain aging and fight off neurodegenerative conditions.* 

As you get older, your body is less equipped to fight off free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells in your body and accelerate the aging process. Ancient civilizations used medicinal mushrooms to ward off the signs of aging.

Many long-term health conditions have been improved by using medicinal mushrooms. Those who lived in ancient times had limited understanding of health and wellness, but they managed to remain healthy using the medicinal properties of mushrooms. Nature really can hold just the wisdom we’re looking for!

AHCC®: Medicinal Mushroom Supplements That Work

AHCC® is a patented blend of medicinal mushroom roots. We have formulated three of our most popular supplements with AHCC®AHCC® GoldAHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx. Our AHCC® supplements harness the immune-boosting properties of medicinal mushrooms.* When you take AHCC® supplements, your immune system will be gaining extra support against many of the health threats that it encounters on a daily basis.* 

AHCC® works by increasing the number and activity of beneficial immune cells.* These cells are essential for protecting overall wellness, and they include: 

  • T-cells: These identify previously eliminated health threats in your system. They are responsible for presenting these harmful particles to other immune cells so that they can destroy them. 
  • Natural killer cells: They neutralize harmful particles and fight off common circulating threats. These are the cells that keep your body free of devastating health threats, even if you are exposed to them from someone else.
  • Macrophages: These consume foreign particles and health threats and break down their contents. Macrophages can be thought of as the “cleaners” of your immune system. 
  • Dendritic cells: These activate your immune response in the first place. They signal to other immune cells that it is time to fight off a circulating threat in your bloodstream. 

AHCC® increases the activity of all of these beneficial immune cells.* Taking any of Quality of Life’s AHCC® supplements could protect you from health threats that make you feel under the weather.* 

The benefits of AHCC® are backed by clinical research.* You can protect your immune system using this medicinal mushroom supplement.* 

Neutralize Body Odor and Detox with Deodorex®*

Deodorex® contains a proprietary medicinal mushroom extract that kills bad odors in your body.* If you struggle with bad body odor or harsh breath, this is the supplement for you. 

Deodorex® is formulated with an extract from the champignon mushroom, also known as the button mushroom. The patented champignon extract works to neutralize odor-causing chemicals in your blood and mouth.* 

When you take Deodorex® as a normal supplement, it enters your bloodstream and affects the chemicals in your blood.* Compounds like uric acid and ammonia, which cause foul body odors, become harmless.* 

Deodorex® can also improve your kidney health by purifying your blood.* This means fewer toxins reach your kidneys, which helps them not to have to work as hard.* 

If you empty the contents of a Deodorex® capsule into a cup of water, you can use it as an oral rinse.* This combats bad breath by killing the germs responsible for unpleasant odors.* 

If you’re looking for a detox and assistance smelling fresher, Deodorex® could be just the supplement you’re looking for.*

Mushroom Supplements that Support Your Health

Quality of Life mushroom supplements are powerful health-boosting tools.* With our supplements, you can feel (and smell) your best.* 

If you take these supplements as directed, you could greatly enhance your well-being and improve your overall quality of life.* Don’t wait to improve your health. Start utilizing the power of medicinal mushrooms today.* What better time to start than during our weeklong mushroom celebration? Pick up your Quality of Life supplements with medicinal mushroom ingredients and feel the amazing benefits!

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