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The Secret Way to Fight Cold Hands and Feet

During the colder months, many people struggle to keep their extremities warm. From fuzzy socks to plush mittens, some articles of clothing can help with this. However, cold hands and feet can be a sign of an underlying problem with your circulatory system. When blood cannot travel to your fingers and toes properly, you may feel like you can never get warm. 


Oligonol® is our premium circulatory health supplement that can help with this problem. If you want to reduce the freezing feeling in your hands and feet, Oligonol® is the supplement for you.*

How the Circulatory System Works

The primary job of your circulatory system is to push blood out to all parts of your body. Your heart then receives the blood back and continues to pump it out. Your heart, veins, arteries, and blood vessels are all essential parts of your circulatory system. When something malfunctions, you may feel cold in areas of poor circulation. 


There can be many causes of poor circulation, including:


  • Underlying health conditions
  • Arterial issues
  • Obesity or excessive body fat
  • Living in cold temperatures
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Emotional distress

These are just a few of the reasons you may experience poor circulation to your hands and feet. When your blood vessels are too narrow, they cannot effectively deliver warm blood to your extremities. Lifestyle choices also play a role in poor circulation. 


It is vital to get plenty of physical activity each day for circulatory health. It is not always possible to put in hours at the gym or run every morning in today’s world. If you work a sedentary job or have health problems, it may be harder to achieve optimal circulatory health. That is where Oligonol® can help you. 

Cold Hands and Feet

If you suffer from freezing hands and feet, you know that it can be very uncomfortable. Even with layers of clothing, you might still feel cold if you have poor circulation. Blood helps to keep your body at a regulated temperature. When blood flow is compromised to certain areas, those areas typically feel cold no matter what you do. 


The extremities, such as fingers and toes, are affected the most by poor circulation. This is because they are the farthest from your heart, so when your circulatory system is not under optimal conditions, those are the areas that get the least blood flow. That is why it is so common to experience cold hands and feet. 


Another reason hands and feet become the victims of poor circulation is that you stand on your feet and use your hands a lot throughout the day. These areas are usually under pressure, which makes it harder for blood to flow through. Combined with poor circulatory health in general, this leads to hands and feet that feel like blocks of ice. 

All About Oligonol®

If you commonly experience cold hands and feet, Oligonol® can help. Oligonol® is a blend of lychee fruit and green tea extract with many benefits for your circulatory and immune health.* This supplement won the “Top Evidence-Backed Product of the Year” award from NutrAward and is highly effective.

Improves Circulatory Health*

Oligonol® aids your immune system by promoting good circulation.* The active ingredients work together to open up your blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through.* Your circulatory system is equally as crucial for your immune system. 


Oligonol® promotes healthy immune responses by combating inappropriate inflammatory reactions and circulating immune cells effectively.* This means that your entire body will receive more blood, easing the discomfort of cold hands and feet. Your circulatory system and immune system can then work together to optimize your health. 

Fights Free Radical Damage*

Free radicals are molecules in your body that can damage your cells. For immune cells, in particular, free radicals can be very destructive. Our Oligonol® supplement fights against free radical damage to protect your immune cells.* 


Free radicals also contribute to symptoms of aging in your body. Oligonol® defends your cells against free radical damage, producing anti-aging effects.* Oligonol® has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase energy levels, and reduce stubborn belly fat.* All of these are markers of an aging body and can be reduced with Oligonol®.*

Boosts Immune Function*

Oligonol® is great for improving the function of your immune system.* This supplement improves circulatory health, which in turn allows your immune system to operate correctly.* When you have poor circulation, your immune cells have a hard time reaching their intended destinations. With Oligonol®, you can boost your immune health and improve circulation at the same time.* 


Along with the improved circulation of immune cells, Oligonol® also helps to manage your body’s inflammatory response.* Poor inflammatory responses can lead to worsened circulation and poor overall immune health. Oligonol® protects your immune cells and mitigates the effects of your body’s inflammatory response, giving you extra defense against threats.* 

Use Oligonol® to Fight Cold Hands and Feet

Now that you know the root cause of your cold hands and feet, you can take steps to improve your circulatory health. Oligonol® is a high-quality supplement.* Made from plant-based ingredients, it is a natural blend of healthy components that will support your circulatory system this winter.* 


At Quality of Life, we only use evidence-based ingredients that have been studied and shown to be effective. Our premium supplements provide health support that your body can easily absorb.* If you are tired of feeling like you just trekked through the ice and snow on your hands and feet, Oligonol® is the right choice for you.

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