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This Easy-to-Do Charcuterie Recipe will Power Up Your Brain this National Cheese Day


Cheese isn’t exactly on the top 10 list of superfoods, but it’s not without health benefits, especially for the brain. Cheese has antioxidant properties, which can help reduce brain-aging symptoms. So why not celebrate National Cheese Day by consuming this fantastic dairy in a healthy way?

Turn your National Cheese Day celebration into an opportunity to try a brain-healthy charcuterie board recipe. Not only does a charcuterie board look visually appealing, but it also lets you add more than a handful of healthy ingredients that can focus on long-term brain health.

Confused about how to make a charcuterie board? Not sure what recipe to do? If you’re looking for a good idea for a charcuterie board recipe this National Cheese Day, try this one out:

Tips For Making Your Own Charcuterie Board for National Cheese Day

  1. Find the right type of board to work off. This can be large cutting boards, marble slabs, or even ceramic platters.
  2. Choose a variety of healthy foods, especially those with brain health benefits, but don’t forget about presentation. Choose foods that are bright and colorful. These can be strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, grapes, herb garnish, apple slices, different cheese varieties and slices, all sorts of nuts, and blueberries. 
  3. For the cheese, feel free to use different types and colors such as Brie, Gouda, Hot Pepper, Mozzarella, Provolone, Blue Cheese, and Havarti.
  4. Add spreads, jams, and even mustards for that extra color. Plus points if you add crackers and breadsticks.
  5. The idea of making a charcuterie board is not just to have a platter of healthy foods but to make it as visually appealing as possible. Make sure to organize the colors, so your board looks as beautiful as you want it to be! 

If you want to try an easy charcuterie recipe, check this recipe by Mom on Timeout.


Jam, Jellies, Spreads, Preserves

  •  10 oz spreads and or jams fig spread, marionberry habanero pepper jelly, pesto, coarse ground mustard, apricot jam

Fresh Fruit and Crackers

  •  16 oz grapes get at least two varieties
  •  8 oz strawberries halved
  •  3 oz blueberries
  •  3 oz raspberries
  •  12 oz crackers Triscuit recommended

Cheese and Meat

  •  10 oz soft cheese, fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, brie, etc.
  •  10 oz semi-hard cheese sliced (Cheddar, Monterey, Gouda, Havarti, Provolone, etc.)
  •  8 oz cured or smoked meats, Salame, Prosciutto, ham, etc.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

  •  10 oz dried fruits dates, apricots, cherries, etc.
  •  8 oz nuts, raw almonds, pecans, pistachios, etc.
  •  Fresh herbs to garnish mint, rosemary, basil, etc.

Pickles, Peppers, Olives Etc.

  •  5 oz cornichons
  •  5 oz stuffed olives


  •  Place all jams, preserves, mustards, or dips into small bowls or shallow dishes and place them on the board.
  •  Add meats and cheese, placing more oversized items like sliced meats and blocks or slices of cheese on the board first.
  •  Add crackers and/or bread next, spacing them out on the board,
  •  Fill in gaps on your board with fresh and/or dried fruit. 
  •  Add garnish and serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.


The brain deserves all the nutrients it can get. It works hard, keeps everything running, and pretty much defines who we are. The best way to get the brain as healthy as possible is by consuming foods that support long-term brain health and function. Cheese is a brain-healthy food, so make it a point to eat more cheese this National Cheese Day. Have fun making a charcuterie board, so your brain will have access to more than just a handful of super brain foods.

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